Girls Season 2 Episode 3

by January 29, 2013
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This week’s episode of Girls was called Bad Friend but I’m going to go ahead and rename it Hannah and Marnie in Wonderland (Jessa and Shoshanna only appear for about 30 seconds). Hannah and Marnie embark on some very strange adventures including cocaine, sheer mesh tops and morbid artwork. I half expected the episode to end with Hannah waking up from a dream.

Hannah has a writing opportunity for what seems to be an online blog/magazine. The editor wants Hannah to go outside her comfort zone because that’s “where the magic happens” and suggests either having a threesome or doing coke. Hannah chooses the latter. While doing drugs is outside of Hannah’s comfort zone, doing something just because someone else told her to is typical Hannah. I’m sure the irony of her planning to do something crazy and spontaneous just so she can write about being crazy and spontaneous wasn’t lost on anyone.

Maybe other viewers found Hannah on coke to be hilarious, but I’m not one of them. I felt like the “look how funny people are on drugs” joke had already been done when Hannah drinks opium tea and when Shoshanna accidentally does crack. And it was funny – the first 2 times. Hannah and Elijah dance at some club, she changes into a mesh top with nothing underneath, and her and Elijah are bonding and having a jolly good time. Then Elijah gets confessional and reveals he slept with Marnie. Hannah (predictably) freaks out in the worst possible way declaring that she “was meant to be [Elijah’s} last.” Elijah calls her out for making his sexuality about her, and asks if it ever occurred to her that him sleeping with Marnie had absolutely nothing to do with her. She responds with a confused “no” and it’s obvious that Hannah truly has no idea how self-involved she is.

Meanwhile Marnie is at work and encounters Booth Jonathan. Booth is blunt, assertive and basically Charlie’s polar opposite. Marnie is incredibly attracted to him, which is also in complete contrast to her disinterest in Charlie. Booth declares that Marnie is a “person who’s about to have sex with [him]” and promptly takes her home. This is where things get weird. Booth’s home looks like a dilapidated post office from the outside and a haunted mansion on the inside. It’s dark and creepy and filled with disturbing artwork. Booth then locks Marnie in a compartment with multiple TV screens showing various images of crying babies, worms and rabid dogs. Marnie looks slightly traumatized when Booth lets her out. I was slightly traumatized by this point. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any more bizarre, there’s a creepy doll right next to the bed that Marnie and Booth are having sex on, and Booth asks her to describe how the doll is feeling. Marnie looks and sounds completely bewildered the whole time.

Hannah and Elijah show up at Booth’s house, where Hannah starts yelling at Marnie for having sex with Elijah. She rants about how Marnie is the bad friend and Hannah is the good friend and demands Marnie admit it. Marnie tearfully says, “fine I’m not a good friend” to which Hannah responds “we could keep being friends as long as you know you’re a bad one.” In reality, Hannah and Marnie are both bad friends and if Hannah doesn’t figure that out soon, she’s going to end up with no friends at all. Hannah and Marnie have always been selfish but they did used to genuinely care about each other. Where are the BFFs who danced around to Robyn’s Dancing on My Own? I want to see that relationship again – but in order for that to happen, Hannah and Marnie would have to have a mature conversation where they both apologize for hurting each other. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Hannah and Marnie may have gone outside their comfort zones this week, but I don`t think Girls did. Drugs, dancing and unconventional sex scenes? That’s nothing new for Girls and it’s not enough to hold my interest. Showing authentic and complex relationships between gurls? That’s where the magic happens.

Missed the episode? Watch it here.

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