Is Getting a Bikini Wax Vain?

by January 3, 2013
filed under Activism

girl-doing-her-makeup1Like many gurls, I like to take care of myself. I love wearing make-up, trying different face creams and eye shadows. I like to look good for myself and for others. Is this vanity? To some degree, yes, but mostly I just enjoy my beauty routine and I think it is a necessary part of life. It is important to look good, because people judge you on how you look for things such as jobs, social events and even school. Beauty rituals and taking care of yourself can even give you better self-esteem.

Now, people have all different kinds of beliefs when they are taking care of themselves. Some questions one may ask about beauty are: How much is too much time to put into how you look? How much time is not enough? How much is just the right amount of time for your schedule and life? Some people wish they could take less time taking care of themselves and some people wish they could take more. There are also fortunate and unfortunate parts about beauty routines. It is fun to try different make-up and hairstyles, but it is not so fun when it comes to hair removal and skin issues.

I guess what bothers me about beauty is when you start to judge others on why they would get different beauty products or procedures. Since taking care of yourself often makes you feel better, I especially do not care for these judgment calls because they affect women’s self-esteem. What is important to you may not be important to other people, but you may have a perfectly valid reason for a certain way you take care of your own body. You may feel that some things are worth your money to spend on beauty and not on others.

For instance, I have a friend who does not understand bikini waxing in any shape or form. She just thinks it’s vanity; I don’t agree. It’s something I have been doing since high school and believe doing it is not only important to making you feel good — even though nobody can tell when you’re walking around — but because your partner likes it or maybe because you just feel cleaner. But I think it is up to women in general to decide how they feel about bikini waxing and other beauty procedures and if they want to get them done.  In society, grooming down there is expected, but to what degree depends on you and who you are with. For instance, when wearing any swimsuit you have to do at least a little waxing or shaving. I guess what I am getting at is I was mad at this friend for judging me and calling me vain after getting my first Brazilian bikini wax.

bikini-on-the-beachThe Brazilian was extremely painful and I do not know that I would do it again. But the point being is it was my choice and not for my friend to judge, especially since she would never get one. She was calling me judgemental for saying it was something gurls do now-a-days (most I know do) and rebuking me for getting one just like those girls. It really is just the norm now these days, nothing special. Wax or shave, do whatever you want, but the point is to take care of yourself. However, it is your choice. Just as it was my choice to get a bikini wax, it is my friend’s choice not to get one.

But this got me to thinking how times change and that how we take care of ourselves differs from how people took care of themselves in the 1920s, 1970s etc. It’s true, beauty rituals change, but I think there needs to be understanding across generations that what beauty rituals people do, at whatever age that they do them, it is always a woman’s choice. It is no vainer to get a bikini wax than it is to shave, than it is to use depilatory creams or get laser treatments on that area. It is no vainer than cutting and dyeing the hair on your head. Like it or not, some vanity is part of our society, and I think it’s a good attribute in this case, not a bad attribute.

We do not need to look perfect, but we do need to love ourselves and others enough to take care of our bodies. Plus, it is not 1890. Please believe me, beauty rituals are not the same and just because they have changed that does not make them anymore vain than any beauty ritual was in anytime throughout history.

Beauty is something I love about being a gurl; I am partial to it. So I hope you do not judge anybody in their beauty rituals, bad or good. And if you feel that you have to comment about it, be nice about it. You have no right to call someone vain; you do not live in their life and you do not feel how they feel. You have not taken “a walk in their heels.” Beauty is more than skin deep, it’s emotional and psychological; it is a powerful thing that does not affect us or others just physically or visually.

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