Is Miley Surrendering to Sexism or Embracing her Sexuality?

by January 6, 2013
filed under Entertainment

MileyCyrusWell it is official: Miley Cyrus is all grown up. Besides the hot new short haircut she is sporting recently ( I mourn the loss of her beautiful long hair), getting engaged to Liam Hemsworth and the release of her single “Can’t be Tamed” in 2010 Miley has clearly gained a more sexualized image of herself. It is hard to believe that Hannah Montana from the Disney channel is now a genuine woman and not a little girl anymore.

For example, in the Dec 10, 2012 issue of the Toronto Sun, the writer comments that at a recent concert “dub step DJ Borgore’s Christmas Creampies gig at the Music Box” Miley – now 20 years old – showed up wearing a “cleavage-baring crop top, skin-tight trousers and thigh-high animal-print boots.” Performing her new song Decisions with Borgore, Miley danced with a stripper wearing only a thong and pasties. “In their party-themed video for Decisions, Cyrus shows she is all grown up by cavorting with porn stars, tongue-kissing a pantomime horse and getting cake smeared all over her.”

Watching the video for Decisions, I didn’t think it was that bad considering other music videos out there are sometimes nearly or close to porn. Perhaps I am just used to watching videos that are like Miley’s video; she doesn’t look any different than any other star who grew up in the spotlight. Think of Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera – it seems in the glamour of Hollywood this is just the way things progress from the Mickey Mouse club.

But is Miley surrendering to sexism or embracing her sexuality? I would say a bit of both. As with other young stars, Miley is surrendering to sexism – introducing hers with Can’t Be Tamed and continuing it as a theme in Decisions. Given her fame as Hannah Montana there are a lot of teenagers looking up to her who may decide to dress like her to seem cool. My mother other always taught me it was important to be a ‘classy lady’ who can still be sexy but not raunchy, but I am not convinced Miley has reached the point of raunchiness.

Whether you believe Miley is raunchy or not, one thing is for sure: She’s embracing her sexuality. In 2009 in a video on the Toronto Sun website titled “Miley Cyrus Calls Sex Beautiful, Magical and Cool,” she said that sex should not be such a taboo subject and that gurls “should be who [they] are because that’s where style, spirituality and sexuality come from.” Miley also said that gurls should be educated about sex – and I would have to completely agree with her. Sex is all around young women and we need as much information as possible in order to make the right decisions. Discovering your sexuality is a journey every gurl must take whether they’re in the public eye or not.

From early on, gurls learn how to flirt, how men react to us and how to act when men react to us. We learn that we are beautiful and that there is a certain power that comes from being sexual. But there will always be a line between sexy and raunchy, and it’s for us to decide where that is.

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