Street Style: Anna in Gastown

by January 12, 2013
filed under Style

DSC_0016How can I stay fashionable and dry in the city of Vancouver? This is a question I am sure you have asked yourself at least once or twice. As I was enjoying a chai latte at Coffeebar in Gastown this week, I noticed that many of the women made the effort to make their rainy-day outfits stylish, on trend and far from drab. Take Anna, for example. She is a recent graduate of communications from the University of Toronto and Simon Fraser University. She is currently working in the communications department for Vancity and loving the business casual environment. She chose a simple, yet flattering outfit for a rainy day that consisted of a jacket by Front & Company from American Apparel for $60, a Forever 21 sweater for $30, a blouse from Urban Outfitters for $10, Jeans from Urban Outfitters for $30, boots from Spring for $150 and lastly for an on-trend accessory, a collar necklace from Forever 21 for $8.

DSC_0015If you are struggling to find an outfit that looks good and is also practical during the rainy months, why not take inspiration from Anna? Wear shoes that keep you dry but are stylish and fun like ankle or knee length boots. Layering is also a great way of adding texture to your outfit. Try something like a chunky sweater and a soft blouse like Anna chose or even layering two button-up shirts with different but complementary patterns. When it comes to a jacket, it’s all in the details. Wearing a jacket that you feel comfortable in is important and having details such as a fishtail in the back and cinching around the waist can give your outfit the pop it needs.

Last, but most definitely not least, accessorize! Jewelry can make or break your outfit. The simplicity of Anna’s necklace was perfect for her outfit and added interest as she created the look of two collars with two different shapes. Try re-creating Anna’s outfit with your own personal spin by shopping in your own closet!

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