The Carrie Diaries: Episode 2

by February 4, 2013
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CARRIE-DIARIES-EP02_320x240This week I couldn’t wait to see the Carrie Dairies on Monday night. I have really started getting into the show because the actress who plays Carrie and her friends seem just like normal teenage gurls trying to figure out the seemingly big problems of their high school days.

In episode 2 of The Carrie Diaries, Carrie says that she is trying to find herself and that this process is “honest and totally awesome.” She is excited as Larissa is planning a photo shoot around Carrie’s purse for Interview Magazine in New York. Meanwhile, Donna Ledonna always seems to be in the way of Carrie’s blooming relationship with Sebastian at school and Carrie’s friend Maggie’s (who lied about losing her virginity) boyfriend of 2 years. Walt will not have sex with her; he says he wants their first time together to be “special.” Personally, I am not sure about Carrie and Sebastian. He may be hot but there is something about him that would make me feel I couldn’t trust the guy.

Carrie is also nervous after Sebastian goes to the country club with his father and is cornered by Donna. Donna is just like any stereotypical snobby girl from high school. She dresses sexy, knows how to make guys want her but I think she should be no competition for the beautiful cherubic like Carrie. Carrie’s friend Mouse sees them together the country club and calls Carrie on the phone, who was not able to go to the Country Club with Sebastian because she was still grounded. At school, Donna gives Sebastian his jacket back trying to make it look like something happened between her and Sebastian. Sebastian apologizes to Carrie and says “nothing happened,” that they were just smoking up and that even though he is a guy who likes to party he would rather be spending time with Carrie.

Even though I think Carrie wants to believe Sebastian, I feel like I am just waiting for something to go bad between them, that Sebastian is not as trustworthy as he seems. Carrie wants Sebastian’s words to be true and discusses this with her friends. Carrie decides she must go behind her dad’s back to spend time with Sebastian. I have been there before and dating someone behind your parents’ back is a risky thing to do. Not only do your parents always find out what you are hiding, they trust you less and Carrie needs the freedom her Dad gives her to make it in New York for her internship and later on in her life.

Meanwhile, Carrie head’s off with her dad to her internship in New York at a law firm, despite her worries about Sebastian. Carrie’s boss is extremely demanding and trouble strikes when Larissa calls needing Carrie’s swanky purse right away as the photo shoot has been moved up. Somehow Carrie manages to leave work to get some things done for her boss and bring Larissa her purse. Larissa gives Carrie a beautiful Dior scarf and tells her that she has got to “fake it until she makes it,” until what is fake becomes true. I really enjoyed Larissa’s words here. Often it is hard for people to decide what they want to be in life or who they wish they could be so I totally agree with Larissa’s statement. Sometimes you just have to act a certain way to achieve your goals in life, and after you keep trying eventually who you want to be becomes authentic.

Carrie heads back to the office thinking she has gotten away with sneaking her purse to the photo shoot and getting all the work done her boss needs, but she is an hour and a half late. She lies to her boss, giving her the beautiful Dior scarf as a gift for her evening date as the final touch. I like how Carrie took Larissa’s advice in dealing with her boss to the point she gave away her beautiful Dior scarf. I did not like that she had to give up the scarf but I did think Carrie did what was necessary for her to keep her job – she faked it!

CRD-Episode-Photo-102_114404-e310f0-325x434While Carrie is in New York, Sebastian calls her at work inviting her to a Blue Oyster Cult Concert, which she agrees to go to. Back at school, Donna weirdly starts being nice to Mouse and he tells Carrie she should go for it with Sebastian. Carrie invites Sebastian to the swim club, cancelling her date with her sister and earning a kiss from Sebastian for her efforts – until Carrie’s dad walks in and catches Carrie and Sebastian making out in the pool. As I said, keep things such as who you are dating are hard things to keep from your parents; I just knew her dad would catch her sometime with Sebastian.

Meanwhile, Walt waits 4 hours for Maggie at her house as he has decided it is the right time to have sex with her. Maggie has had enough though, and has sex with some young police officer as he is driving by. When he and Maggie finally meet up he admits to her that he does not love Maggie in that way, only as a friend. I feel bad for Maggie but I think she can do better; this does not mean she made the right decision having sex with the cop in the police car but I think Maggie and Walt have been moving away from each other and not communicating; hence, they broke up.

Carrie gets up the following morning to make breakfast for her dad. He doesn’t punish Carrie for going to the pool with Sebastian despite being grounded, but is just disappointed in her. He tells her she must prove to him that she is the daughter he thinks she is or there will be punishment next time. Worst of all, however, Carrie is not allowed to see Sebastian anymore as her dad knows his family and does not approve. In Carrie’s high school world Sebastian plays a big role in her happiness. It must have been devastating for Carrie to not be with the guy she likes. Even worse is that feeling a kid gets when your parents are so disappointed you do not get punished. At least when you are grounded things remain black and white, but when her dad does not do anything to her that can be worse then having no punishment at all.

At the end of the show, Carrie reflects that lying is often easier than telling the truth, but just as Pinocchio’s nose lies keep growing until you do not know what is real and what is not. Even when Sebastian shows up at her house to take her to the concert, Carrie does not go. She realizes that she must choose between her dad and Sebastian, and this presents a large problem for her. Maggie, Dorrit, Mouse and Carrie all hang out together in the kitchen at Carrie’s house and Carrie says to the audience that the lies she and her friends told created their own problems and that they are all lucky to have each other despite their difficulties in love.

I don’t think lying just affects Carrie and her friends but a multitude of lives. We often believe that if we tell each other lies for the better things will be okay. The truth is lies grow and need to be covered up by bigger lies. I think that although sometimes “fake it until you make it” is good advice, you have to be careful and be true to yourself. It’s awful to live a lie, so maybe it is better to live the truth so you don’t get in trouble because of your lies.

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