Featured Artist: Ellie Goulding

by February 18, 2013
filed under Entertainment


Ellie Goulding makes me feel things. Her new album, Halcyon, stirs a mix of powerful emotions in me, but it also encourages me to dance and release that emotion. I can only imagine it’s like going to one of those churches where it seems like more of a party than praying. Ellie’s music is spiritual in the sense that she leaves me feeling like I’ve grown a lot by just listening to her.

The 26-year-old singer/songwriter was born in England, starting her career when she was discovered at a university talent contest. After 2 years spent studying drama and politics at Kent University, she packed up to live in an apartment in West London to start recording with Jamie Lillywhite of Crown Music Management. Her first single was Under The Sheets, and you can see her performing it below.

Ellie has collaborated with artists such as Calvin Harris and Skrillex. She contributed a song called Bittersweet that was produced by Skrillex for the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 2. Ellie and Skrillex dated for a year until their breakup in October 2012. An an artist  who has dated artists myself, I can imagine the relationship contributed to her music, as they are both well known for their electronic sound.

Classified into genres such as folktronica and dream pop, Ellie’s music kind of reminds me of the music from Final Fantasy for some reason. My favourites from her album, Halycon, are Only You, Anything Can Happen and the album titled track, Halycon. These have pretty much been on repeat for days. Here is an awesome remix of her album that I’ve been listening to. Check out the music video for Anything Can Happen below.

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