Featured Artist: Whitney Peyton

by February 25, 2013
filed under Entertainment

Phili-born rapper Whitney Peyton is a fireball. A swag-filled-fireball. At first glance she appears tiny and cute, but then she spits out fierce lyrics like,”I’m going in, and I don’t pull out like most men” and “I’m too sexy for the chorus so screw a hook.” Performing with artists such as DMX, Vanilla Ice and DEV, the unsigned rap artist has landed T.V spots, swept the pages of various magazines and has even been featured on VH1.

Whitney was chosen to be one of the faces of Philadelphia’s anti-litter campaign, Unlitter Us, has appeared in print and transportation ads as well as anti-litter rallies. Whitney is also a Grammy Award Winning Contributing Artist on the project, All About Bullies…Big and Small, a children’s anti-bullying CD. You can pick up her new EP, Coffee Cups and Combat Boots, at WhitneyPeyton.com.

Watch Whitney’s new music video, Sorry That I’m Not Sorry, below.

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