Girls Season 2 Episode 4

by February 6, 2013
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girls s2e4 ray shoshanna

If I had to choose 1 word to describe this week’s episode of Girls it would be “satisfying.” “It’s A Shame About Ray” was both an emotional rollercoaster and extremely funny. To celebrate one of her writing pieces being published, Hannah decides to throw a dinner party, inviting the usual crowd – Marnie, Charlie and his girlfriend Audrey, Shoshanna and Ray. However she doesn’t actually want Marnie to come, she just invited her as a “gesture” and thinks it’s “psychotic of her to show up.”

No, Hannah, what’s actually psychotic is inviting someone over and then getting mad when they show up. Tension builds between Audrey and Marnie and after Audrey calls Marnie a “stepford psycho,” Marnie runs out of the apartment. Charlie follows her and then tries to kiss her. Marnie pulls away saying that she’s seeing Booth Jonathan. And here I thought the haunted mansion sex was a onetime thing. Charlie gets angry that Marnie is with “that little Ewok in fucking capri pants” and heads back to the party. For some reason he’s surprised that Audrey has left the part and he’s pissed at Marnie for driving out his sweet girlfriend. Um…did he forget that he followed Marnie upstairs and tried to kiss her just 5 minutes ago? Charlie and Marnie aren’t good together and they aren’t good apart, and while all the back and forth is frustrating to watch, it feels authentic given how long they were a couple.

It’s revealed over dinner that Ray currently has no place to live. When Shoshanna starts to count the number of nights that Ray stays with her (and realizes it’s every night), she feels used. The scene between her and Ray after the party is arguably the most emotional of the evening. It initially feels like a breakup scene, with the 2 of them sitting there in silence, looking completely miserable. Shoshanna asks Ray in a hurt voice “Why didn’t you tell me that you had no house?” to which Ray responds “Maybe I wasn’t that excited to tell my beautiful, cute, smart, 21 year old girlfriend that I’m a 33 year old homeless guy.”Out of nowhere Shoshanna admits that she’s falling in love with Ray and he tells her that “it’s way too early for you to say something like that.” Poor Shoshanna looks absolutely crushed, until Ray admits that he loves her “so fucking much.”The moment was happy and sad at the same time and really showcased how talented Zosia Mamet and Alex Karpovsky are with their ability to portray multiple emotions at once. It’s a beautiful scene, and if you haven’t watched it, you should do that right now.

Jessa is absent from the dinner party, but fortunately she still gets plenty of screen time this week. Jessa and Thomas John are going out for dinner with his conservative parents and it`s inevitably a disaster. On the way home the 2 of them get into a huge fight, and by huge I mean relationship ending. Yes, Jessa did provoke his parents a little, over-sharing about her former heroin addiction, but Thomas John expected her to act like someone she’s not, which is completely unfair. We all knew it was only a matter of time before these 2 realized how wrong they were for each other, but even I hadn’t anticipated how explosive it would be when they ended things. They both say some pretty awful things to each other with Thomas John taking things to a new low when he calls Jessa a gold-digging whore. Jessa makes a lot of mistakes, but she deserves a lot better than this; I think she knows that.

The episode ends with Jessa showing up at Hannah’s apartment crying. Jessa’s is usually so calm and unaffected by everything around her that it’s heartbreaking to see her so upset. Hannah is in the bath (this gurl takes a lot of baths. I honestly don’t know any 20-somethings who take as many baths as Hannah does) and Jessa gets in with her. The 2 of them start giggling and splashing water at each other and it’s kind of the best thing ever.

The show often revolves around things falling apart – breakups, career setbacks and crumbling friendships. With so much going wrong for the gurls, it makes it that much more special when things go right. In the midst of all the disappointment and heartbreak it’s these small moments – Hannah and Jessa laughing together, Hannah getting her writing published, and Shoshanna finding love, that make the show such a joy to watch. Life is bittersweet, and I there are few TV shows that portray that as well as Girls does.

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