Girls Season 2 Episode 5

by February 12, 2013
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There’s no denying that Sunday night’s episode of Girls was the Hannah Horvath Show. “One Man’s Trash” revolved entirely around Hannah with none of the other gurls even making an appearance.

Hannah is working at Grumpy’s with Ray when a man comes in livid because someone has been dumping Grumpy’s garbage into his personal trashcan. Ray isn’t exactly polite, and things quickly escalate from tense to full out yelling. I love Ray, but I think he might need a course in customer service. Or just public decency in general. His freak-out in front of a bunch of customers is pretty unimpressive. Hannah looks extremely guilty during this entire exchange, and it’s clear she knows something in regards to the trash mystery. She leaves work, claiming a “toxic work environment,” and heads straight over to Mystery Man’s large brownstone home.

It seems Hannah’s guilty conscious has gotten the best of her, as she promptly admits to him that it has been her leaving trash in his can. Turns out Hannah lost her key to Grumpy’s dumpster and was too scared to tell Ray (let’s face it, he’s not the most understanding boss) so she began leaving it in Mystery Man’s trashcan instead. He doesn’t seem all that angry about it anymore now that he has an explanation. Hannah is about to go…and then she decides to kiss him. Then they start making out and end up having sex. It’s also revealed that his name is Joshua, he’s “separated” and he’s 42.

The rest of the episode plays out like a fantasy – he serves her steak with red wine, he begs her to spend the night and he even takes the next day off work to spend it with her. It’s nice, but it isn’t until the last 9 minutes when things get really interesting. After Hannah faints in his gigantic shower (it’s literally the size of a small bedroom), she suddenly starts crying in his lap. Hannah begins to have this epiphany and realizes that she wants to be happy. I always thought she was just insecure and that she didn’t think she deserved to be happy. I assumed that was why she allowed people to treat her so poorly – Adam being the prime example of this. It’s one thing to feel like you don’t deserve happiness, it’s another to think that you don’t even want it.

Hannah then begins to explain how she’s obsessed with experiencing everything so she can write about it. She did crack not because she wanted to, but because she wanted to write about the experience of doing crack. Hannah knows that she does this, but I this might be the first time where she sees something wrong with it. She even admits that before she met him she was “lonely in such a deep, deep way” and let people treat her like crap because it was all part of her goal to have experiences. Her time with Joshua is a glimpse at another type of life, one that involves stability and having someone take care of you. While I don’t know if happiness necessarily equals large house with lots of stuff and a nice stable doctor who takes care of you, this is a turning point for Hannah. She’s really evaluating the choices she’s makes and why she’s making them.

Of course, Hannah can’t become completely likeable overnight. She then remarks that “if anything I think I’m just too smart and too sensitive” and picks a fight with Joshua for not being glad that she told him all her vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, her epiphany did not include realizing how self-absorbed she is. She’s also surprised that Joshua is going back to work the next day, as that means that her fantasy is over. She spends the night taking in everything his house has to offer, and then leaves the next morning.

Hannah will most likely never see Joshua again, but that’s not really the point anyway. While Hannah might make a lot of questionable choices, she does learn from them. As much as I couldn’t stand Adam, I will admit that she learned things about herself during that relationship, and she learned a lot of things about herself from her brief time with Joshua. Whether you love Hannah or hate her or waver between the 2, you’d have to have a heart of stone not to feel sympathetic towards her after “One Man’s Trash.” She’s a little lost right now, but I’m confident that she’ll find her way eventually, even if it takes a lot of stumbling to get there.

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