The Real Cost of a Walmart Shirt

by February 9, 2013
filed under Activism, Life
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It’s $11.67 in the US to buy a shirt from Walmart, but it costs 13.00 to make the shirt in the US. That means someone, somewhere is paying for your shirt – most likely people in Bangladesh who get paid $13-17 cents an hour. These people sometimes work 14 hour shifts and are often working in poor health conditions. The North American employees at Walmart have just begun to protest working minimum wage. They make so little that they qualify for food stamps and other types of government support. Other than the price people have to pay for the shirt, planet earth also suffers because it costs a lot to get that shirt from Bangladesh to North America. You may just be paying $11.67 for that shirt in terms of dollars, but it costs a hell of a lot more. It’s time for us to stop with being ok with living off the misfortunes of other people.

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