Sexy Bing-OH!

by February 16, 2013
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bingo2This month, we decided to veer away from sex toys and do something special for Valentine’s Day. The Tickle Trunk has tons of great items, not just toys. So, we decided to try a game. We picked the newest one: Sexy Bing-OH! (yes, you must say the “OH!” with as much enthusiasm as possible every time). The game consists of a book with 5 games and 2 cardboard game-boards for each one.


Never having played a sex game before, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. I mean, yeah, I’ve played “chase each other around in our underwear” and “wrestle with genitalia,” but this was my first time with a structured game play. Sexy Bing-OH! is played the exact same way as Grandma Bingo; you get 5 in a row to win, and you spin a spinner to tell you which square to punch in on your game board. There are 6 games to pick from. We picked Strip Bing-OH! first. We had a little trouble, admittedly. There were things like “take off your necktie” or “hike up your dress” that didn’t apply to either of us. It took a little bit of getting used to, but once we fell into a pattern with it, everything went smoothly. And I won! When you win, you get a special prize like “slave for a day” or “position of your choice.”

Next we tried 4-Play Bing-OH! and that yielded more results. Whoever came up with the gameplay was a sexual genius, because there were challenges I’d never thought were sexy. For instance, when the game asked us to lightly nibble on each other’s fingertips, I was shocked at how arousing it was. Rubbing thumbs also falls under that category. I was surprisingly turned on by her lightly massaging the pads of my thumbs.

The games are not gender-specific, which is nice. It was nice not to have to deal with the assumption that only a guy and a gurl would play.



I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect either, but it definitely wasn’t boring. Normally I don’t think of Bingo as sexy or fun, but this was actually quite amusing. It made for a lot of laughs, and it was a nice change. I also like that the games varied – there was Truth or Dare, Romantic Confessions, Strip Bingo, 4-Play Bingo and Do You Know Me? It means the game is always different and not just about getting your sexy on. It’s a fun little game for couples to play while spicing up the mood.

Like Bryn, I was surprised by some of the requests made in 4-Play Bingo. One asked me to trace her lips with my own; not kissing, just brushing. Of course, with all the nerve endings in your lips this makes for an incredibly arousing and teasing sensation. The great thing about the 4-Play game was it varied and even made you think of some foreplay ideas you might not have thought of before. Strip Bingo can be a little challenging if you aren’t wearing the clothes they ask you to remove, so it might take several spins to get something done. Truth or Dare is pretty simple. Do You Know Me? and Romantic Confessions was also interesting because it adds a little romance to the sexy.

Unfortunately, I lost every game we played and Bryn won all the special prizes outlined on the outside of the spinner. Ah well.

The Sexy Bing-OH! game is available at the Traveling Tickle Trunk.

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