Street Style: Ivon Chew

by February 16, 2013
filed under Style

Ivon1Sweet. 21 year old Ivon Chew works at one of my favorite shoe stores downtown. Besides having excellent taste in shoes, Ivon has superb taste in clothing. I liked how her shorter fuzzy grey sweater looked over her long black tank top with a lacy embroidered collar. She also had a couple connected silver chains that hung just under her white button-on. The entire outfit really worked as a whole, complete with skinny jeans and black round toed pumps. Layering short over long is an excellent thing to do for a colder climate.

Additionally, her tank top although it billowed out above the waist, came in at the waist adding to her sleek silhouette. The silver in her jewelry, the silvery grey of her sweater and white embroidered collar of her tank top really coordinated well together. Although, Ivon has no particular fashion role model, her favourite store is Forever 21 where she bought her grey sweater at for $30.00. Her beautiful lacy collared tank is from the Gap and cost about $25.00. Ivon enjoys colour in clothing and has a particular love of dresses and handbags.

Ivon2Ivon is a nursing student at Norquest. She enjoys helping people and has aspirations of being a regular, fully trained nurse someday; she would like to work with children. Hopefully Ivon will be able to show her unique fashion and particularly good shoe sense as a nurse, even though she will be wearing scrubs a great deal of the time!

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