The Carrie Diaries Episode 4

by February 6, 2013
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Fright Night

In this week’s episode, Fright Night, it’s Halloween so you can guess Carrie and her friends all head off to their respective Halloween parties to have some fun. Wherever Carrie seems to go at school, Sebastian is there and Walt shares this misery with Carrie about Maggie. When Carrie does talk to Sebastian she asks him what he is going to be up to this Halloween weekend because she heard him inviting people to his private party. Sebastian thinks it really would have not been a good idea to invite Carrie but actually Carrie just wants to throw in Sebastian’s face that Walt and she are going to a cooler party in Manhattan with Larissa. I think Carrie owes Sebastian this little snub as he freaked out and broke up with her. Even though Carrie should have never been searching in Sebastian’s private legal file, he never gave her the chance to explain herself and supposedly he liked her a lot. Carrie and Walt dress up as Prince Charles and Lady Diana and head off to their party.

Carrie and Walt are immediately greeted by Bennett Wilcox who Carrie dubs her new “prince charming” and tries to spend as much time as possible with him at the party. Larissa has other plans, as she hands Walt and Carrie each an Ecstasy tablet; Carrie drops hers on the floor and Walt takes his tablet. Carrie starts talking to Benet and wonders what she should tell him about herself, but she notices that Larissa is extremely ‘high’ and going around pretending she’s a bird. Being a good friend, Carrie goes off to take care of Larissa who has not only taken 2 Ecstasy tablets but also LSD. Bennett agrees to watch Walt who is mindlessly staring at a spray painted wall. I like that Carrie is a dependable friend. She takes care of Larissa and Walt, even though she would rather be off having fun with Benet at the party.

In fact, Carrie is so nice that she helps makes a bird’s nest in Larissa’s room with everyone’s coats and some random Boa’s. She takes care of Larissa who is miserable about everything Carrie loves about Manhattan. Both mention the line from a famous John Donne poem, that “no man is an island” he is part of a “continent.” Carrie loves that in Manhattan everyone can be their own island and at home she has to be part of a continent, connected to everyone. The problem Larissa muses, is that in Manhattan you have to be as fabulous as all the other islands, there is competition and Larissa just wants to be free like a bird. The conversation Carrie has with Larissa shows Carrie’s innocence. When you first see and experience something new such as New York you only see the bright, shiny and good things about it. When you get to know New York better you start to see its dark underbelly that everything about it is not that good and that there are a lot of bad things about being an “island” or alone.

Meanwhile, Benet is trying to get Walt to “take a leap” with him in Manhattan. Benet says that everything is great in New York because everything is out in the open so your “private” self becomes “public” and there is nothing to be embarrassed about; it’s good to be scared – to take chances. It could be the Ecstasy talking, but Walt says his heart is just racing and Benet takes that as a sign and kisses him. I think by this point everyone watching has figured out that Benet is gay, but Walt insists to Benet that he is not ; Walt freaks out, lies and says he has a girlfriend and that he can’t be gay; he calls Benet a fag. Benet doesn’t seem to be offended and says he just read the situation wrong, but Walt can’t handle the moment and takes off into the city. Another character I think everyone watching is probably sure is gay, is Walt. I think this a big reason he didn’t sleep with Maggie. It is clear; however, at this point Walt is not comfortable with that aspect of himself.

While Carrie and Walt are off doing their partying, Carrie’s friends, Maggie and Mouse, believe it is their duty to go to Sebastian’s party to give Carrie the low-down on Sebastian whom they are not impressed with. Mouse wants to leave pretty soon until she sees a video game of Pac Man and her competitive streak is rallied when Sebastian challenges her to a game. After the game, they toast each other and Mouse tells Sebastian how hard she has it with pressure from her parents who have scrimped and saved so her family could live in the USA and so she can go to Harvard eventually; Sebastian says he wishes his parents cared about him for 10 minutes. Mouse is not happy about how Sebastian treated Carrie but when Sebastian pulls out a joint, Mouse is willing enough to take a few drags – until the cops show up and she starts freaking out. This is a very telling part about Mouse as she is able to loosen up finally and see that Sebastian is not the bad guy she thought he was, he just had a bad moment.

When a cop shows up to stop all the underage drinking happening at the party Maggie is only too happy to see it is the cop she’s been sleeping with. She tries to get him to sleep with her again and when he insists he has to stop the underage drinking going on at Sebastian’s private party Maggie remarks how he did not seem to mind underage sex with her. Maggie saves the party and decides to head home and Sebastian, the not so bad guy, promises to take care of Mouse.

Back at Larissa’s party, some guy dressed as a Lion is molesting a passed out Larissa. Carrie wonders if everyone is so selfish (an island unto themselves) that they do not see everyone else who needs help around them. Although, Larissa gets herself into her own mess, Carrie left her to be with Benet, and Benet let Walt take off into the city. Benet agrees to watch Larissa and when Carrie warns him not to molest Larissa Carrie finally clues in that Benet is not “a prince charming looking for a princess” but another prince charming.

Carrie eventually finds Walt who does not want to talk about his night; Walt thought he wanted to be in the New York world but thinks he maybe can’t handle it. Carrie tells him it’s just the Ecstasy tablet he took and it will wear off – but Walt thinks for the first time maybe he is himself, maybe he is gay. Walt is determined to show he is not though and goes back to Maggie saying he needs his girlfriend. Walt and Maggie finally have sex but I think Walt is just confused about himself; he really was seeing himself genuinely in Manhattan, but he is unable to accept that inner knowledge.

New York has shown Carrie its “dark side” but she is pleasantly surprised to find that Sebastian has taken care of a ‘high’ Mouse and taken her to Carrie’s house instead of home. Carrie remarks that she can’t “demonize” Sebastian and as people Sebastian and she are really not that far apart – but as a couple they are.

Carrie says that Halloween is the perfect time to try out different versions of yourself and forget your vulnerabilities. In the end I believe Carrie finds John Donne’s line “no man is an island” the greatest influence on her night. Being someone else can be fun or scary, but no matter what your experience it is better to have friends to share your experiences with. I think Carrie acknowledges the darker side of Manhattan – which Larissa is haunted by; she does not believe that people are made to be alone, to be “islands” floating around doing whatever they want. Rather, people are meant to share experiences good and bad, and to not let other people suffer alone.

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