The Carrie Diaries Episode 5

by February 22, 2013
filed under Entertainment


While working at her internship in New York, Carrie remarks that some things come with dangerous territory where other moments just might surprise you. Enter George Silver. Carrie calls him pretentious and he grins and tells her that no one has ever told him the truth before. He invites Carrie to his mom’s soiree. When Carrie says no as she still thinks there is a chance her and Sebastian can be together. Mouse, Carrie and Walt argue with her and while they still see a chance for Carrie with Sebastian, they think she should have told George yes – and I think so too. Although Sebastian is a nice guy, I think it is pretty clear he is not that interested in Carrie anymore outside of possible friendship.

This becomes especially obvious when while taking her driving test and doing a parallel park, Carrie almost hits Donna and Sebastian when she sees them kissing in her back window. Although, Sebastian says he didn’t want Carrie to find out this way, Carrie says that she would have felt sorry for him if he was not with Donna since she is with her new boyfriend George; Carrie quickly calls George and accepts his invitation to the party –  a good choice on her part as she will get to know a new guy and will be able to put Sebastian in the past.

Carrie is at the store on her lunch break trying to pick out a dress for George’s mom’s Jewel Party, where each women has a color of dress they need to wear: Ruby, emerald, or sapphire. Carrie is supposed to wear sapphire, but she keeps picking out navy dresses. Her boss, Barbara, who just happens to be at the store, sees her and helps Carrie pick out a beautiful one shouldered, ruffled-bottomed sapphire dress. Carrie is surprised that Barbara is so helpful, but Barbara who has known George since he was 4 says she is happy to see George with such a hardworking gurl such as Carrie.

Mouse is looking forward to seeing her boyfriend again. But when she phones him, he does not seem too keen on having sex. Mouse thinks it’s because she is not very good at it, but really Ryan has slept with 2 people during their breakup and is nervous about that. Mouse approaches Walt for help, as Maggie is always bragging about how good he is in bed. Walt brings out a ‘how to’ sex tape and Mouse takes notes. When she and Ryan finally have sex, he is amazed and says she must have had sex with someone else too. Mouse lies and says it was Walt and this eventually drives Ryan mad. Even though Mouse is upset, I don’t think she should lie to Ryan; it’s just not honest and they just got back together.

When George arrives at the office to take Carrie to his mom’s party, he realizes he forgot to tell her it was formal and Carrie is wearing a short dress. Carrie takes Barbara’s daughters tutu’s and makes them into a skirt. The party goes well until she meet’s Georges ex, Blyth, who has been in rehab. Blyth says George is going to get tired of slumming it and come back to her, and this depresses Carrie. Later, she overhears George and his mom talking about how Carrie doesn’t understand their world and that he should just let her go. Carrie runs off, and George races after her. George says he wants someone new and Carrie realizes she and George aren’t so different after all. Carrie doesn’t see him as a serious contender, but he surprises her – even more surprising is George’s mom when she realizes that her son is dating Carrie Bradshaw.

Carrie says that when entering new territory there is a need to forge ahead, but that sometimes you need to look behind you and that your blind spots can sometimes stop you. At some point though, you have to stop looking behind and move ahead, as does Carrie’s group of friends. Carrie says change is good, and I love the great advice she gives at the end of every show; it shows how smart and intuitive she is, and demonstrates shades of the writer she will one day be.

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