Featured Band: The Boom Boom

by March 5, 2013
filed under Entertainment

Kara, previously of Karamel (with Cassie Steele from Degrassi), has started a new synth pop group called The Boom Boom. We love Kara for her over the top dance moves and amazing voice. Just like Karamel, The Boom Boom is filled with fun tracks about love and life that you can both belt out and dance to. But before we get into the present, let’s reminisce about the candy coated songs from the past:

The Boom Boom produces songs from “Mom’s basement,” and has titled their album rightfully so: Songs From Mom’s Basement. The album emphasizes Kara’s enthusiasm to sing no matter if she is on stage or on a bus – as seen in the music video Do About Me. The group publishes songs from their album, music videos, interviews and performances on YouTube. They also keep their fans up to date on Twitter. Be sure to pick up their album on iTunes April 2013!

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