Girls Season 2 Episode 9

by March 12, 2013
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Girls is often a little uncomfortable to watch, but this week’s episode took it to a whole new level. “On All Fours” was excruciating to watch. Last week introduced viewers to Hannah’s OCD, and this episode continued along that storyline. Hannah is cleaning out her ear with a Q-tip and pushes it in too far, seriously hurting herself. She goes to the hospital by herself, which is sad in itself, because she is so lonely right now. I loved when the doctor asked her, “were you digging for gold?” because he sounded exactly like the older, male doctors I’ve encountered who say the most ridiculous things. She asks the doctor if he can clean the other ear, as it’s “feeling a little uneven” and he refuses as that’s not his job. When she gets home and sticks the Q-tip in her other ear. I knew it was coming, but I was still so horrified.

Marnie is now following her dream of singing, and it’s pretty comical to watch her ask Ray to help her “lay down a track.” Later, Charlie invites her to his work party, mostly because he feel s sorry for her right now. Marnie decides to sing at this party, as a special treat to celebrate Charlie’s success, and delivers an embarrassing slow rendition of Kanye West’s, Stronger. Usually this would’ve been the most painful part of the episode, but in comparison to Hannah’s physical pain and what later happens with Adam, it seemed mild in comparison. Charlie pulls Marnie into his office once she finally stops singing and tells her that she needs” to get [her] shit together. [She’s] flailing”. It’s harsh but accurate. Then they start having sex, and when Marnie asks about people being able to see, Charlie responds with “who gives a fuck?” Charlie from last season certainly would’ve given a fuck, and it’s interesting to see how he’s changed from the gentle, sweet, borderline-pushover that he was before.

Shoshanna is clearly feeling extremely guilty about cheating on Ray, as evidenced by her “geisha” behaviour. Then at Charlie’s party she avoids him and flirts with other guys. I am a huge fan of the Shoshanna/Ray pairing, but this relationship may have run its course. Shosh is just not that into him anymore. Ray eventually calls her out on her behaviour, and she blurts out “I held the doorman’s hand.” Ray believes her – after all Shoshanna is usually very honest – and thinks it’s adorable that she felt so guilty over nothing. The issue is temporarily resolved, but this is bound to only add to Shoshanna’s guilt and I sense a break up coming on soon.

The most awful part of “On All Fours” is without a doubt the Adam/Natalia storyline. Their relationship seems to be in a honeymoon phase – they get coffee together and she decides she’s ready to have sex with him because he’s “been really nice all week.” Natalia is very clear about what she’s comfortable with in bed, and when Adam comments on her forwardness she says, “what other way is there?”  It’s such a contrast from his relationship with Hannah, where she was rarely assertive about her needs, emotionally or physically.

Natalia takes Adam to her friend’s engagement party where he is clearly out of his comfort zone. He ends up having a drink because he wants have “a nice time” with Natalia. I was surprised Natalia ordered the drink for him, as she knows he is in AA and her mother is an alcoholic. They have fun dancing and then go back to Adam’s place, where everything goes downhill. Adam asks her to get on all fours and crawl to the bedroom. Natalia complies, but she isn’t into it and complains about how filthy his apartment is. There’s then a really disturbing sex scene, which includes her saying “no, no, no, not on my dress” when he comes on her chest. When it’s over Natalia looks horrified and says “I don’t think I liked that. I, like, really didn’t like that.” Adam apologizes afterwards – an indication that he knew he did something wrong. It’s a complex scene because the last few episodes have been so sympathetic towards Adam and now we see him at his absolute worst.

Girls was dark this week, and left me with a lot of questions. Will Hannah’s mental health improve? Are Shoshanna and Ray over? Will Marnie get her shit together? Where will Adam go from here? The only thing I say for sure is that I will never look at Q-tips the same way again.

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