Girls Season 2 Finale

by March 19, 2013
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The much anticipated season finale to HBO’s Girls aired Sunday and after a very crazy season, it did not disappoint. Together had both make-ups and break-ups and did all the gurls’ story-lines justice.

Shoshanna breaks up with Ray and it’s a genuine case of “it’s not you it’s me.” She stills cares about Ray as evidenced by her tearful “I love you so much but sometimes I love you the way that, like, I feel sorry for a monkey,” but she’s in a place where she really needs to be single. Shoshanna is young and she wants to have fun and hook up with hot Scandinavian men. My heart breaks for Ray, as he truly wanted to stay with Shoshanna and make her happy; he even was willing to take on a new job just to impress her and show her he had ambition. In season 1 viewers saw insecure Shoshanna who was very anxious about being virgin. In season 2 viewers saw Shoshanna navigating her first serious (and first sexual) relationship. Perhaps in season 3 we will get to witness a more confident and independent Shoshanna and she’ll have her “personal renaissance.”

Marnie and Charlie get back together, which wasn’t particularly surprising. Charlie never really got over Marnie; it was obvious he still had feelings for her even when he was dating Audrey. She initially clung to him after they broke up simply because they had been together so long and Marnie doesn’t know how to be alone. However, in season 2 viewers saw a new Charlie – a more successful, assertive, traditionally masculine Charlie and a Charlie that Marnie was attracted to. I don’t believe that Marnie is some cold-hearted gold digger who is only getting back together with Charlie for his money. However, Marnie is shallow and she’s impressed by material things – her attraction to Booth due to his talent and success is a prime example. Her recent attraction to Charlie may be due to his newfound success and wealth. With that said, the “I want to have your little brown babies and I want to watch you die” scene was pretty cute.

Hannah is really struggling at the beginning of this episode. On top of her OCD, Hannah also has to deal with her editor threatening to sue her if she doesn’t submit pages for her book. She ends up calling Adam over FaceTime and he sees what a mess she is. Adam asks if that “OCDC shit” is still going on and then proceeds to race across town to rescue Hannah. The music in the background while Adam runs to Hannah’s apartment, felt extremely RomCom-like but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes Girls is dark and sometimes it’s not – sometimes it’s sweet and funny. Sometimes it feels like a soap opera and other times it feels like an independent foreign film. Girls does whatever it wants, whenever it wants, and if it wants to be a romantic comedy for 5 minutes, it can be a romantic comedy. Adam bursting into Hannah’s room and telling her that he was “always here” seems to indicate that these 2 are back together. While I think Hannah and Adam would have a better relationship this time around (they’ve both learned a lot since they broke up), I’m still reeling from what Adam did to Natalia last week and I doubt I’m the only one.

Together focused on relationships, either coming together or falling apart. The ending montage of Marnie and Charlie holding hands, Shoshanna kissing a new guy and Adam running to Hannah wrapped things up but it also served as a reminder that these gurls are still 20-somethings and to some degree their stories are still just beginning. I’m ecstatic that there will be a season 3, because I can’t wait to see where the gurls go from here.

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