7 Steps to Getting Over that Hangover

by April 24, 2013
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“Who wants another shot?!?” I scream to anyone who will listen. People gather around as I pour the shots. We raise our glasses and toast.

“We are all going to pay for this round tomorrow!” I yell. Our glasses clink.

But we do not have to pay for the copious amounts of alcohol we consumed last night. I have compiled some tips that have worked for me as well as some suggestions that have worked for others.

1. Eat food and drink water before you even begin drinking. You will still get the buzz you desire, but it will make life after you’ve been drinking so much more pleasant.

2. If you know roughly when you’re going to head home, try to stop drinking at least an hour before you plan to head home. This allows your body to metabolize the alcohol while you are still awake, which is much more effective. It will greatly reduce tomorrow’s hangover. Obviously, there are many reasons that this may not be possible, so keep reading for tips to perform after the damage has already been done.

3. Water is your best friend. It will rehydrate you. Alcohol dehydrates the body severely. Have at least 2 glasses before bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night, grab another glass or two of water. And then have 2 glasses when you wake up.

4. Eat breakfast! Eat whatever you feel you can handle, but the more protein you eat the faster any remaining alcohol will be metabolized. Protein will replenish vital nutrients quicker than anything else.

5. Hit the gym! It sounds awful after a night of drinking, but it works! Do whatever you can handle. Sweat out the alcohol and get some fresh air. Not to mention you will feel a little better about everything you consumed last night.

6. After you do your workout, grab a Gatorade or other sports drink. These drinks are designed for after workouts and will also assist your hangover. Replenish your electrolytes! This will greatly assist in the rehydration process.

7. If you still feel like shit, grab the ibuprofen or aspirin. Do not take brand name or generic Tylenol. The active ingredient in Tylenol, acetaminophen, can cause liver damage, especially when taken during or after alcohol use.Thus, it is a dangerous way to cure a hangover.

Follow these 7 steps and you will feel like a champ!

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