Featured Artist: Hayley Williams

by April 29, 2013
filed under Entertainment

Hayley Williams grew up Christian, to divorced parents, near Nashville. She is the lead vocalist in the band Paramore. After being taunted at school, Hayley left to become homeschooled, meeting future bandmates and brothers Josh and Zac Farro. Refusing to become a solo artist, Hayley had the band signed, going on to play shows around the world and putting out 4 studio albums.

At age 24 Hayley has fallen and climbed a lot. She says the hardest time in her life was when she had to say goodbye to Josh and Zac in December 2010, after rumors that Paramore was becoming “the Hayley show” and the brothers’ criticizing her “lack of faith” in the Christian community. She has been dating New Found Glory’s lead guitarist since 2008 and has partnered with MAC to launch a makeup line.

The band has spent 3 years working on Paramore’s self titled album, which has been noticed for their new sound. Hayley says while the change wasn’t on purpose, she’s been taking better care of herself and working on her voice. Her incredible vocal range can be heard above in the single Now, off their new album. The album was released in April 2013 and can be picked up on iTunes.

Check out Hayley and the band talking about their new album below.

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