How I Became Acne Free

by April 10, 2013
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Since entering adolescence, my skin has always had the resemblance of a greasy napkin. I fondly remember a boy on the bus mocking my shiny face, and rushing to the store to buy blotting papers. Later I discovered the beauty of powder. But with my oily skin later came acne – and not just embarrassing teenage acne, but painful cystic acne that would develop under the skin. Any ailment I was prescribed by the doctor failed, whether it was a pill, a cream or a combination of the two. From the time I was about 13 to 23 I’ve struggled with low self-confidence due to these awful bumps, having to cake on foundation to try to disguise the craters that lay on my face. It didn’t matter how often I cleaned my face, what I ate or what I used to treat my acne, the issue was hormonal and even birth control didn’t do anything to solve it. However, this year I’ve either reached a hormonal miracle or seemingly discovered a cure (hopefully not to jinx it). If you’re struggling with acne, here is my recommendation: A combination therapy towards achieving clearer skin.

1). Proactive Renewing Cleanser
I’ve used Proactive on and off in the past with mixed reviews, but it’s recently started working very well for me. Perhaps this is because I’m 23 and not 17, or perhaps it’s because I’m managing my stress levels better – however, the fact that I’m using it every day is definitely a large part towards my clear skin, because I noticed after skipping a couple days that I was starting to break out again. If you can afford Proactive, I highly recommend it, but there are cheaper brands similar at the drugstore such as the Clean and Clear Acne Advantage Control Kit. With Proactive, all I really use is the cleanser and toner, but you can use any toner from the drugstore. The Renewing Cleaner is about $30.00, and it lasts me about a month.

2). Pur Minerals Foundation
After growing tired of caking on makeup only to break out worse, I decided to invest in a mineral makeup that would not only appear lighter on my skin but help my skin breath better. I asked the person at the makeup counter at my local drugstore what would work best, and she introduced me to Pur Minerals Foundation. I’ve tried the cheaper mineral makeup lines from drugstore brands that I previously bought my makeup from, however they don’t seem very authentic and have the same harsh chemicals. I’ve found that with Pur Minerals a little makeup goes a long way to hide my acne, and it’s not much more money than other brands at about $30 per month. Since I started using it I’ve seen a gigantic improvement in my skin. My face is so clear that I can finally see my acne scars – which isn’t ideal, but it’s a place I never thought I would be.

3). Primer
While Proactive and Pur Minerals are great steps towards clearer skin, I wanted to ensure that I could prevent acne as best I could while I was wearing makeup. The person at the makeup counter gave me a free sample of a primer, and although I can’t remember which one it was, I’ve recently purchased an inexpensive drugstore brand – Fix & Perfect Pro Primer from Rimmel London for about $10.00 per month. The primer goes on really smooth, and feels really good on the skin – almost like a non-sticky lotion. It’s non-greasy, and best of all, it works as a shield on your skin so your makeup doesn’t absorb into it and create more acne. So after using Proactive to get rid of my existing acne, and using Pur Minerals to allow my skin to breath, Fix & Perfect Pro Primer was the perfect addition to this combination therapy towards achieving clear skin, and I’m amazed at the results.

No one is paying me to promote these products, and the process hasn’t cost me any more money than I usually pay for my skin care routine. If the combination or either of these things on their own helps you at all, I will be very happy that I could help someone else achieve the confidence they’ve been missing. I truly understand what it’s like to be ashamed of how you look. Before this I was ready to take drastic measures to achieve my goal of clear skin, but this is proof that you don’t have to go on harsh, dangerous medications such as Accutane. Please let me know in the comments below if this or something else worked. Good luck!

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