The Carrie Diaries Episode 10

by April 24, 2013
filed under Entertainment


It’s Carrie’s 17th birthday and all she wants to do is celebrate with her friends, and Sebastian, who Carrie can’t keep her lips off of. Instead, Larissa forces Carrie to work the Bret Easton Ellis book launch party, which Interview Magazine is hosting. She is happy to be able to bring Sebastian along – until his mother happens to be visiting him that night. Instead, she takes Walt to the party.

Meanwhile, Mouse tries to make connections with a gurl named Stacey from Castlebury, who went to Havard and could give her a glowing recommendation. Stacey admits she never really had any friends at Havard and is more interested in Wes, Mouse’s competition. She follows Wes around until Mouse takes her aside and tells her she’s really cool and doesn’t need to suck up to Wes because she needs friends; she can get friends all on her own. Stacey wishes she had friends like Mouse, and luckily Mouse finds herself becoming the basketball team manager of the basketball team Wes is on.

Maggie and Walt make friends again, and Maggie really wants to get back together with Walt. She still does not recognize that he is not really interested in gurls, so Walt has to tell her that he doesn’t want to get back together with her but he loves her as a friend. This is a smart move for Walt, who is obviously beginning to recognize the person he really is. This is especially the case when he runs into Bennett from Interview at the book launch. He apologizes for calling him a fag. Bennett tells Walt how hard it was for him in high school and that things did not begin to fit into place until he kissed the right guy. Walt asks Bennett to hang out again, and he agrees.

While Carrie is working the party, Larissa admits Carrie doesn’t have to work coat check – rather, the room. Larissa sells Carrie as an up and coming novelist to a publisher named Trip Ramsey. Carrie tries to sell her journal, which she says is basically about a virgin learning about sex through her friends. It is a naive attempt to pitch her book, but a direction her as author wants to take – that is until Sebastian shows up and wants to leave. After drinking himself into a stupor, Carrie takes him home and loses the chance for a book deal. Did she make the right decision?

Sebastian is really upset because his mother never shows up to see him, and this time is no different. He tells Carrie about his night, who plans to stay over at his house – until his mother really does show up. I’m happy Carrie and Sebastian are working out, and that Carrie can be there for Sebastian, but I feel sorry for Carrie who gets the raw end of the deal on her birthday. Her friends and boyfriend are not around her and she does not get to fulfill her writing dream.

Earlier in the day, Dorrit went to the record shop to find Carrie a record for her birthday. She gets caught shop lifting by a handsome young guy who locks her in the back room. Later, he tells her he didn’t call the police because he likes her taste in music. Dorrit storms out of the record store, but is forced to go back to pick up the record she bought for Carrie. The guy tells Dorrit she has expressive eyes, which is why he caught her shoplifting. He asks to be the first one to kiss her, and Dorrit makes out with him in store. I am excited to see Dorrit’s first kiss and the young woman she will become as the show progresses.

The next morning, Carrie’s Dad gives her an amazing gift: A credit card, with a small limit of course. Dorrit gives Carrie a mix tape of all their Mom’s favorite songs. Carrie’s friends and Sebastian take his Porsche to meet Carrie at the Diner, where she buys them breakfast. They give her a cupcake with a candle to blow out and Carrie makes her wish secretly: To be right where she is now – with her sister, friends and boyfriend having a low-key birthday.

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