The Carrie Diaries Episode 11

by April 24, 2013
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Various members of the show have “identity crises” this week, as the episode is smartly named. It is Spring Break and Carrie is looking forward to working full time at Interview Magazine. If she does well, Larissa has promised she can work there as a full time summer intern with a stipend.

However, Carrie makes a mistake right away when she promises Andy Warhol’s assistant that Larissa will pick up a package for him and then deliver it to Andy by the end of the day. When Larissa does not show up at work, Bennett tells Carrie she often takes days off without notice; that is just how she works.

Improvising, Carrie becomes Larissa – acting just like her, complete with accent. She heads to the fashion boutique where she is supposed to pick up the package, charming the assistant into thinking she is Larissa. The only problem is that the package has not arrived yet, so to make it up to Larissa (Carrie) the assistant lets her try on the fashion boutique’s new line of clothing. She even promises to let Larissa (Carrie) have a whole bunch of the couture outfits if she promises to put their fashion line on the cover of Interview Magazine. I have to agree with Bennett’s advice at this part where he tells Carrie to take the newly arrived package and trendy, expensive clothing and run. But Carrie has an ethical dilemma.

Carrie also discovers that pretending to be Larissa comes with consequences, as the gurl who delivers the package wants to kill Larissa for sleeping with her boyfriend. She declares that she is only Larissa’s assistant, pushing a rack of clothing over and running off with the couture outfit with package in hand. I think Carrie is discovering what she capable of, and what Larissa is capable of. She is is finding out the loop holes she is going to have to take to work for Larissa at Interview. Carrie of course is a funny and great actor as Larissa, but she is a better person being herself.

She finds this out when discovering the club where she is supposed to deliver the package (Andy Warhol’s wig). The bouncer at the door won’t let her in (he calls her bluff because he slept with Larissa) , so she tells him straight out who she is and that she needs to deliver the package to Andy Warhol. The bouncer says, “why didn’t you say so?” and gets Andy’s assistant to come get the package. Andy’s assistant says that this is the earliest the wig has ever been delivered and that Carrie should always pick up Andy’s packages. Carrie, who has learned her true identity, disagrees.

Another character learning about his identity is Walt. He’s mad when Bennett runs into someone while and takes off while he’s with Carrie at the club. Walt is struggling with who he wants to be, because he might have a crush on Bennett. Walt thinks being gay is wrong, but Carrie assures him that he’s a good person, and that if he’s a good person and gay, then being gay means he can still be a good person.

Sebastian’s parents are also struggling with their identity as a couple. His mom puts Sebastian in the middle of his parents’ relationship and talks to him about things such as sex. Sebastian and his parents learn the best identity for them is to be divorced, and this suits Sebastian. The only problem occurs when he is giving Maggie a fake ID and they see Carrie’s Dad having sex with a lady he met at Yoga in his car. Although Tom finds he is ready to date again, Maggie and Sebastian think it could just be a short-term thing and that it would only hurt Carrie to tell her. Tom discovers his identity as a dating dad, and Maggie and Sebastian keep their identities as good friend and boyfriend by not telling Carrie the truth.

Identity shapes who we are, and who we want to be. This week, the Carrie Diaries’ characters start becoming who they are supposed to be. As for Carrie, she starts to really feel as if she belongs in New York and that is also becoming part of her identity.

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