The Carrie Diaries Episode 13

by April 24, 2013
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Kiss Yesterday Goodbye is the title of episode 13 and the experience that Carrie, her friends and family have been going through in this episode and throughout the season. It is a process we all go through as gurls: Saying goodbye to the things that were in our past and meeting our futures head-on. A lot of important things happen in the last episode – things that will forever change the characters on The Carrie Dairies.

The episode begins before Junior Prom, and of course, Carrie has no one to go with because she and Sebastian broke up. Maggie is supposed to go with Walt, and Mouse, although she wants to go with West, is stuck going with her Chinese relative, Eugene. Carrie is also spending her last days as an intern at Interview Magazine with Larissa, who is going to be a Geisha to learn about sex for half the summer. Carrie will get to be Interview’s (unpaid) secretary for the summer, and Larissa says she can stay in her apartment – but Carrie still has Sebastian on her mind.

When Carrie arrives home, Sebastian is there with Dorrit and Miller. Sebastian apologizes to Carrie, and the two of them say they both miss each other and hate the things they said to each other. In the end, Carrie gets her chance to say her perfect “I love you” to Sebastian. She tells him she loves him so much it hurts.

Happiness does not last long for Carrie. Maggie tells her that she and Sebastian saw her dad in the car with Debbie. Carrie does not believe it, and confronts Sebastian about it. He admits that Carrie’s dad and Debbie were making out like horny teenagers. Carrie is mad at Sebastian because he didn’t tell her the truth, but he tells her it’s hard to see your parents as people, as he had to experience with his own parents. Carrie also gets mad at Sebastian for drinking and smoking up with Maggie in New York to cope with his troubles, and she is not sure that she can live in pain loving Sebastian so much.

While Walt and Carrie head off to Larissa’s goodbye, Sebastian is mad at Maggie for ruining his chances with Carrie. Maggie and Sebastian cross each other’s path at the local bar and Maggie doesn’t want to be alone that night. Her self-confidence has begun to fall apart since finding that Walt is gay and that he never really loved her. They end up sleeping together, thinking Carrie will never take Sebastian back.

While Miller arranges the perfect night for him and Dorrit to have sex, Mouse finds out her Chinese heritage is not as noble as she thought it was and decides to go find West. Carrie arrives home from Manhattan, having decided that she is madly in love with Sebastian despite the pain. When she arrives at his home, he looks terribly guilty but is thrilled to see her. Carrie tells Sebastian when they have sex it will be perfect, but she has yet to face Maggie the next morning.

Maggie admits to Carrie what happened between her and Sebastian, and Carrie is devastated. She tells Maggie it is always been all about her need for attention. Carrie tells her to leave, and Maggie has to live with what she did. The next morning, Carrie refuses to see Sebastian when he comes to talk to her. She decides to stay in Larissa’s apartment during the summer with Walt (who kissed Bennett, but Bennett won’t do anything with Walt until he’s 18 years old at the end of the summer). I think this is a good decision for Carrie to clear her head, and for Walt to spend time with Bennett as friends. Carrie quotes Chaucer who wrote, “time heals all wounds,” but she says painful things leave scars, reminders and memories behind. Carrie has scars, but is now ready to leave her mark on the world as she spends the summer in Manhattan.

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