The Carrie Diaries Episode 7

by April 4, 2013
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This episode of the Carrie Diaries is aptly titled “Caught.” Carrie is caught between George and Sebastian. George appears to be an excellent boyfriend, even takes her to work in his limo, but Carrie still feels a sizzle of chemistry between her and Sebastian despite the fact that he is with Donna. Donna is clearly jealous of Carrie still. She confronts Maggie as they both sneak liquor into their lockers to the dance and Maggie reassures Donna that although Walt is sick, both Carrie and Mouse have boyfriends they are bringing to the dance.

Carrie is also caught between her internship at the law firm in New York and a newly offered internship position with Larissa at Interview Magazine. Carrie helps Larissa come up with a brilliant magazine shoot with models in onesies and pacifiers fighting over Carrie’s purse. Carrie comes up with the slogan a “Pollack for your purse.” Carrie’s Dad tells her how hard it was to get her the internship at the law firm and how difficult it was to arrange with her school. Someday he thinks it would be pretty cool if he and Carrie both worked at the same firm as lawyers; her dad has never wanted to be anything else. Again, Carrie is caught especially when Larissa sends her a copy of Interview magazine with of a picture of her purse and catchy slogan. I totally, sympathize with Carrie; it is difficult to be caught between your own hopes and dreams and your parents’ expectations. Although, I do believe that in the end, Carrie’s dad would rather Carrie just be happy and would come around to the idea of Carrie interning at Interview Magazine, not the law firm.

After seeing Sebastian, Carrie invites George to the Winter Dance, anxious to show him off. When Carrie is forced to introduce George to Sebastian and Donna, George asks, “Who is that guy?” Carrie replies, “absolutely nobody.” Sebastian is upset that she did not say anything about having a boyfriend and stares holes in the back of Carrie’s head all night long; Donna is disgusted. Carrie kisses George in front of Sebastian and they decide to leave the dance together. At this point, I feel kind of sorry for George because I think even though Carrie likes him, he is kind of being used and he seems like he is a really nice guy. Carrie seems to be paying a lot of attention to Sebastian considering she has moved on from her relationship with him.

Meanwhile, Mouse has been freaking out because she has been having so much sex with Seth that her grades have suffered; she got a B+ and her parents would be upset that that grade was not an A+. Her teacher gives her an extra credit assignment to finish that day, the day of the dance and Mouse doesn’t turn her assignment in on time. She slides it under the door of her teacher’s office and the assignment ends up under the desk. When Seth tries to pick the lock with one of Mouse’s bobby pins they both get caught and Mouse’s only saving grace is that her teacher believes she was only trying to hand her assignment in not steal papers or have sex in her office. Seth admits to Mouse that his grades are suffering too. He and Mouse decide that they are one track career minded people and have to let go of each other to fulfill their potential. I am sad to see Seth go as I liked him as a boyfriend for Mouse, but given Mouse’s obsession with her grades she just does not have time for a boyfriend.

Back in the limo with Carrie and George, George wants to have sex with Carrie but Carrie, a virgin, isn’t ready to have sex, especially in front of George’s driver. George is okay with that but says she can just finish him off instead, and an angry Carrie breaks up with George immediately and rightly so. Carrie wants her first experience with sex to be special while George just thinks Carrie’s virginity is just something to get over. Way to go Carrie to stand up for her rights as a woman and not be pressured into her first time as many gurls are.

Also at the dance, Donna catches Maggie having sex with her policeman friend who is overseeing the dance. Donna says she better keep Carrie away from Sebastian if she does not want Walt to find out about her indiscretions. But this leads to a moment of friendship between Carrie and Maggie, and Maggie admits everything to Carrie, including the fact that she does not feel that her and Walt are right together and that she is the problem. It is great to see that Maggie finally has a handle on things and is not going to let Donna blackmail her.

Carrie ends the show by saying that sometimes in life we are caught. As the band Diva sings “freedom of choice is what we want, and freedom from choice is what we need” and if you are lucky in life somebody will save you from indecision when you are caught between choices, secrets, desires and ambitions. Carrie herself makes one difficult choice, to take the internship at Interview Magazine, and she couldn’t be happier. And I am excited as she is because finally, we are seeing the beginnings of Carrie Bradshaw the fashionista and writer, her true callings in life.

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