The Carrie Diaries Episode 8

by April 8, 2013
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Secrets start off innocent and “hush, hush” but end up to be really damaging for Carrie and Maggie, this week on The Carrie Diaries. Carrie mistakenly thinks she is safe keeping her secret because her Dad believes she is going to her internship at the law firm and Barbara is keeping her secret that she is really working at Interview Magazine with Larissa. Carrie is naïve to think this, because how could her Dad eventually not find out that she doesn’t work for the same law firm he does?

Larissa tells Carrie to always say what she feels and Carrie is consumed by her job at Interview Magazine of her thoughts of Sebastian. Carrie models shoes for Interview magazine and she thinks to herself, who needs Sebastian when she has shoes. She agrees to go to the club, Lime Light, with Larissa and the rest of the magazine staff on the weekend instead of going to her school Lock-in. Larissa gives Carrie the Manola Blahnik’s from the magazine shoot to keep because they are only small enough to fit Carrie and she can wear them to Lime Light. What an exciting time for Carrie! I really can see how much she loves her internship at Interview Magazine, but I wish there was some way she could get her Dad to see how much she loves this job.

Meanwhile, Mouse is mad at Sebastian for staring at Carrie at the last dance when he was with Donna. Sebastian admits he is trying to break up with Donna (and does) and Mouse admits Carrie and George have broken up. Mouse, Melissa and Sebastian decide Sebastian needs to make a grand gesture to win Carrie back. He tries to call her, but she is already leaving for New York to Lime Light; instead Mouse and Sebastian take off to New York to find Carrie at the bar. They end up stuck in traffic, and then are not able to find Carrie in Lime Light. To make matters worse, Sebastian’s car gets towed. To his credit, Sebastian is not upset at all about the failure of their night in New York. He has made the grand gesture for Carrie and knows when she hears about it, she will love it.

Maggie has her own secret she is keeping from Walt. She needs to tell him about the policeman she has been sleeping with. But Donna decides just how she is going to share Maggie’s secret when she sees how thoughtful Walt is when he remembers to get her favorite film, Rocky III, for the projector for the school Lock-in. He believes Donna is just trying to protect him from Maggie, proclaiming Maggie’s feelings mean nothing to him. Then Walt and Donna start making out. He is all too happy to be Donna’s new boyfriend, even though he hides secrets of his own questionable sexual orientation. I question how easily Walt turned away from Maggie and towards Donna. He seems really smart – smarter than someone who wouldn’t know better than to listen to Donna and not his his long time girlfriend.

Carrie’s Dad also decides to go out with Harlan on a double date. He ends up liking the lady who is friends with Harlan’s date, and after dinner they all go dancing at Lime Light. Carrie is shocked to see her Dad up on the big TV screens at the club dancing embarrassingly, and suddenly both their eyes meet across the room and Carrie knows she is in big trouble. She has been having the time of her life and some cute guy even bought her a cosmopolitan to drink. The problem, says Carrie’s Dad, is that Carrie didn’t think when she decided to lie to him. He tells her she should say goodbye to her life working at Interview Magazine for Larissa and forget about New York forever. This is really harsh, coming from Carrie’s Dad, but I can see how he would be shocked to find his 16 year old dancing sexy and drinking at a club in New York.

Later, Carrie tells her Dad she didn’t think he would allow her to experience Interview Magazine if he knew she was not working at the law firm. She knows now from Interview magazine that she wants to be writer, and will still want a life in New York even if she is not allowed to have it yet. Parents cannot stop their children’s dreams, even if they do not agree with them, or have other plans for them. In the end, children will do what they love, and resent their parents if they force them to do something they hate; a fact Carrie’s Dad had best become aware of.

In the end, Carrie is relieved that all her secrets are out and that she doesn’t have to hide her feelings anymore. She is impressed with Sebastian’s grand gesture, and as they sit in the diner and talk, it helps Carrie forget that her dad is furious with her.

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