The Carrie Diaries Episode 9

by April 15, 2013
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9In the beginning of the episode, The Great Unknown, Carrie wakes up from a wonderful dream where she is working at Interview magazine; in reality Interview Magazine and Manhattan are gone but she does have her relationship with Sebastian and their new couple nickname, ‘KidShaw.’

Carrie and Sebastian make out at the diner and Sebastian wants to bring her home on time so as not to tick off her dad. He offers her his coat when she is cold, and all around Sebastian tries to be the perfect chivalrous boyfriend. Cut to Carrie crying in her room with Mouse; Carrie is afraid because having this perfect relationship means she has something to lose. She has just realized she is in love with Sebastian in a world where bad things can happen, such as losing love. I think Carrie is right to be afraid, but that she cannot let the fact that bad things happen let her not enjoy the present. Otherwise, everyone would live in constant fear and inability to do anything in life.

Meanwhile, Carrie’s Dad is at the gym playing racket ball with Harlan. A sexy aerobics dance teacher helps him stretch his legs out and encourages him to take her class. He heads off with her to her office and receives a sexual favor. On Saturday he is anxious to return to the gym for a racket ball tournament and possibly run into the aerobics teacher again. Carrie’s Dad is mystified as to why the aerobics’ teacher (Misty) would give him sexual favors for free. Harlan is dating Larissa and encourages Carrie’s Dad to talk to Larissa about his sex problems; Larissa knows everything about sex. Carrie’s dad views on women and sex are old fashioned. He does not believe that women should talk about sex, even between themselves. He is not familiar with the modern 1980’s women and it is kind of funny since he was married to Carrie and Dorrit’s mother for so long. Grace was not an old fashioned women but her husband, Tom, is just trying to figure out the new dating world that has quickly come upon him.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Dorrit head to the Library; Dorrit has to research a specific day in history. When Sebastian shows up Carrie and he head off to make out when Dorrit’s loud 1980’s angry rock music becomes unbearable. They head upstairs to find Dorrit gone and articles and information about the Sex Pistols covering her bed. Apparently, Dorrit chose Oct 12, 1978, the day Sex Pistol Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend Nancy at the Chelsea Hotel in New York.

Carrie becomes mad at Sebastian, insecure about their relationship and says that she has to head off to New York on her own even though driving with Sebastian would be faster. At the Chelsea Hotel looking for Dorrit, Carrie comes upon her and Sebastian and is happy that Dorrit is alright. Sebastian and Carrie talk and discover that they are both scared about their relationship, that they are both scared how long the other will be there. This makes them both feel better. I like how Sebastian and Carrie handle things responsibly, and Carrie even accepts Sebastian’s jacket at the end of show; Dorrit even likes Sebastian and he obviously cares about Carrie if he is willing to drive to New York on his own to find her sister Dorrit.

While Carrie is off in New York, Tom has a long talk with Larissa at the gym. Larissa informs him that there are a new breed of woman in the world now who are strong and take control of their own sex lives. They also talk about Carrie. Larissa tells Tom that he has no idea who his daughter is, that she loves Interview Magazine and that he needs to let her become the person she wants to be. Larissa says Carrie is a hell of a writer and that she is seeing and learning everything; she has a voice and Tom has got to let her use it. Writing could be Carrie’s calling and Tom needs to let her be who she wants to be. She asks him what kind of father does he want to be. I applauded Larissa at this point in the show because this is just what Carrie’s dad needed to hear.

At the end of the show, Carrie’s Dad allows her to go back to being an intern at Interview Magazine. Carrie does not know what Larissa said, but all that matters to her is that she is back doing what she loves. Carrie’s Dad goes back to Misty, and Carrie comments that in the end they are all happy.

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