Anne Hathaway Gets Bullied

by May 30, 2013
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In Jamie Lee Curtis Taete’s article, “What Do Hate Groups Think of Anne Hathaway,” he speaks with several hate groups to get their perspective of Anne and sees if they too dislike her as much as he does.

Jamie is extremely slanderous towards Anne for reasons that are hard to decipher. Anne is both a talented actor and a great role model for gurls of all ages. Not only is she a role model in reality but she also plays positive character roles in films that gurls look up to and aspire to be.

For instance, in The Dark Knight Rises, she is a strong yet surprisingly faithful friend and girlfriend. In The Princess Diaries and Ella Enchanted she possesses a can-do attitude. In Les Miserables she is a compassionate mother who is willing to do anything for her child. Clearly Jamie has not taken these factors into account and his hatred towards her is thus inexcusable and unjustified. He is unaware of how successful and kind-hearted her character can be and what an exemplary mentor she is for gurls everywhere.

Not to mention that she also defends homosexuality even though she was raised a Christian. When her brother first announced he was gay, she supported him and announced to the public that her religious beliefs were and still are to this day “a work in progress.” She now calls herself a  “nondenominational Christian.” One would think that because Jamie himself is a homosexual that he would be a fan of Anne Hathaway.

Jamie remains unmoved, and his distaste for her is apparent in the interviews he conducts with various hate groups. The first hate group Jamie speaks with is The Council of First Conservative Citizen’s. Gordon, a representative of this group tells Jamie that he doesn’t know who Anne is and continues by saying, “we don’t have an opinion on everything in the world. I don’t look at many movies. But I guess my daughters or my son or my wife might have seen her in something.”

Gordon’s daughter thinks Anne is a fine actress. Jamie however, articulates that he personally does not support that statement and would never dare to join a group of “Anne Hathaway sympathizers.” This comment made me wonder, Is he being facetious or just joking? – it is difficult to tell. It appears, though, that he has failed to see that Anne Hathaway plays in movies that are mostly family oriented and that she has received rave reviews for many of them. For example, she stars in Broke Back Mountain, a movie that offers an honest account of homosexuality and she has also played the ever-important Jane Austen, who happens to be the creator of modern romance. Thus, it is difficult to understand why exactly Jamie consorts with hate groups and condones such an amiable and gifted actress like Anne Hathaway.


Jamie also sides with The American Freedom Party who are uncertain about their stance on Anne Hathaway. During the interview with this hate group, a lady calls in and expresses that she likes the actor but doesn’t like what Anne looks like. Jamie loves this comment and jumps right on it when he gets the chance, exclaiming, “yes, exactly. It’s her mouth isn’t it?” To me this was shocking to hear as Anne Hathaway is known to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood and is fortunate to have a number of stunning features – her lips being one of them! She is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. Her beauty goes beyond skin deep and we can see this in the way she carries herself with her charming yet quirky personality that shines through in everything she does.

Anne may be a gorgeous actress but she also has a big heart. She has donated her time and money to many organizations such as: The Creative Coalition, The Step Up Women’s Network, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, The Human Right’s Campaign and The Lollipop Theatre Network. In 2008 she was honored by Elle magazine in the Women in Hollywood tribute and has been credited for her work with Step Up Women’s Network and the Human Rights Campaign. In addition, Anne beat her mental illness – depression – in early 2007. During her teenage years she was able to overcome it without the use of medication.


Lastly, Jamie speaks to Steve Drain of the Westboro Baptist Church. Jamie states that Anne reminds him of a gurl who is “REALLY into the idea of being friends with a gay guy” and likes to call herself his “fag-hag.” He asks Steve if he thinks Anne acts this way too. Steve answers that Anne seems like a Kathy Griffin to him if only she had the “talent and looks.” However, Steve generally thinks that you should never hate someone just because. In Anne’s case, there is nothing about her that makes her “implicitly” hateable yet Steve believes that she is “a fag enabler” nonetheless.

Personally I do not support either Jamie or Steve’s opinion on Anne. It is apparent that they do not know who Anne Hathaway is and what she stands for. She is a wonderful role model who spreads awareness of sexual orientation and does commendable charity work. Anne also gave up smoking when she decided to take her movie career more seriously and she strongly supports the quote by Oscar Wilde,  “the less said about Life’s Sore’s the better.”  She uses the “sores” and pain she has dealt with in her life in a positive way which has made her the strong, determined actress she is today.

Whether you love or hate Anne Hathaway and her acting, it would seem to me that it is hard to prove that Anne Hathaway is anything less than an incredible person. Despite Jamie’s potent dislike of her, she remains a gurl with a lot of talent, beauty, grace and social awareness.

Now it’s your turn: What do you like about Anne Hathaway and her acting? Do you think she is a good role model to gurls everywhere?

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