Featured Artist: Sarah Jaffe

by May 14, 2013
filed under Entertainment

Sarah Jaffe is a 27-year-old Texas native. She started her music career with the release of her EP, Ever Born Again, in 2009, which created a stir amongst music labels of the folk persuasion. Signed to Kirtland Records shortly after her EP release, Sarah unleashed her captivating yet simplistic style of songwriting into the world with her first LP Suburban Nature. That record set Sarah’s voice and growly lyrics into motion and demonstrated she was a writer worth paying attention to and watching as she grew.

Clementine is more than likely the most popular track off of this LP surrounds around the steady push of a few chords, a small orchestra and a snare drum. The song lyrics revolve around the changing of thoughts…”We were young, we didn’t care. Is it gone? Is it floating in the air?”

But the changing of thoughts isn’t the only topic she covers in this LP. she also covers what every songwriter tries to convey – the human heart – and she hits it dead on in her song, Better Than Nothing. Sarah vocally engages the heart and mind with the strum of her guitar and lead in verse, “how can someone who wants to be loved hate it when they’re loved at all?” and ends the song with the will to feel anything because it’s “better than nothing.”

It goes without saying that Sarah Jaffe has song-writing down to a science. She continues to push the envelope with the release of her EP, The Way Sound Leaves a Room, which some led to believe was a transitional EP from her acoustic folk basis into an orchestral indie rock sound that her present sound reflects.

Her latest release was in 2012 with the LP, The Body Wins, which can be picked up on iTunes.

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