Featured Artist: Tristan Prettyman

by May 6, 2013
filed under Entertainment

Some of the greatest albums can come through honesty and a little heartbreak –singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman has exemplified that in her latest record Cedar+Gold, which was released in October of 2012. Tristan first saw success with her 3 records, The Love EP, Twentythree and Hello, but she said that this particular album was a different experience for her as it derived from the very core of her being.

In fact, she was unsure after her success if she would return to writing music, but after the long term relationship and engagement break up from singer-songwriter Jason Mraz, Tristan picked up the pen and gave the world the come back album from struggle. With such songs as I Was Gonna Marry You, and Say Anything, Tristan puts her love life, her heartache and her redemption in songs for the broken-hearted to share.

Tristan offers a raw and emotionally charged record in Cedar+Gold, working with producer Greg Wells, who has worked with the likes of powerhouse vocalist Adele and pop sensation Katy Perry. When the record was finished, Tristan had an album that gave her no room to hide from the truth of her break up with Jason and the road to recovery from heartache.

The album ends with the song Never Say Never, which brings a heart-breaking spoken-word outro: “You can’t start a fire in the pouring rain.”

Cedar+Gold can be purchased through iTunes.

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