The Art of Asking, Amanda Palmer

by May 14, 2013
filed under Activism


Amanda Palmer didn’t always make her living from music. After graduating from an upstanding liberal arts university, she was a self employed living statue called the Eight Foot Bride. Standing still with a hat beneath her feet, she silently asked for money in turn for the ideas she shone on the street through her art. It was then Amanda learned the art of asking.

When Amanda finally started to make enough money through her band to quit street art, she brought the art of asking into the music industry as it went digital. The groundbreaking artist and activist used social media to ask for things she needed, such as a venue for a show, a piano to practice on and a place to sleep. And as record sales dropped because people were buying her music online instead of at stores, she decided to do something controversial: Ask for money from her fans.

In her TED Talks video, Amanda explains why asking for what you want isn’t as outrageous as it sounds. She goes on to encourage the idea of asking for money, saying that the idea isn’t unfair like you may think.  She wants you to know that when you’re working hard to create something, you’re giving a service to the world even if it isn’t the conventional job that people usually have.

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