What Does it Mean for You to Be a Woman?

by May 17, 2013
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Love From, Women is the title of a popular tumblr blog that asks women the question: What does it mean for you to be a be a woman? The creator of the blog explains that the blog page seeks to “challenge traditional views on women by allowing each woman who takes part to represent their selves in a way they choose.” It explains that the idea of feminity is constantly controlled and forced upon women by the media and society and that this blog really gives women that opportunity to find out and to question what it really means to be a woman.

The range of answers from gurls and women’s submissions is varied and wide. For instance, one artist states that she believes within this world are “many inequalities and injustices” that exist as a result of “labels.” As an artist this particular women “endeavours to reflect on and challenge an environment in which people suffer as a result of limiting expectations and stereotypes.”

Another gurl states that being a woman means expectations – expectations that she should “feel maternal instincts, should play with dolls or care about finding a boyfriend.” For her it means constraint: “Watching out for being overly promiscuous or overtly sexual.” But this blog allows her to come to the realization that being a woman means she can be anything she wants to be.

“Being a woman is to be independent and strong, to live your dreams despite restrictions, having that unflinching determination until” you are where you want to be,” says one gurl.

An older woman states that to her “a woman is.” She is her delicateness, in her full power but not afraid to show her vulnerability, her fears, her doubts and shaky confidence. She finishes with a beautiful comparison that being a woman is “being a pearl that sits at ease in its shell, just like a woman is and can be in her body – illuminating beauty that is rare, admirable and invaluable.”

Mothers also gave their opinion, and one stated that she would like [her] gurls to grow up celebrating their individuality and not feeling like they have to conform to a narrow view of beauty in order to be accepted by society because guys are growing up thinking woman are there for their sexual gratification.

Another mother left the comment that being a woman is “being given the ability to help and serve others, especially family.”

A gurl said it all when she wrote “I’m not quite sure yet what it means to be a woman – it can be joyous, tragic, confusing, and clear – a bit like a rollercoaster. Mostly, it’s wonderful.”

“We are more than just the Victorian angel in the house, more than just the moral center of our house or society but are free to be ourselves and teach what we believe is right and explore morals, to be more than what society expects us to be or what is the norm,” says one woman.

The point of this blog is to make woman feel wonderful about themselves, to question their gender roles and abilities, to look inside themselves and see the beauty within. Through other’s opinions on what it is to be a woman we discover the value in ourselves and possibilities of what we are capable of.

“ To be kin keepers of our families, to be strong voices in the work place, to take care of our bodies and raise strong children” – Korinda

“Being a great wife, a loving mom and a hard worker in all that we do.” – Sarah

“Someone who is strong yet compassionate, someone who tries to look out for those they care about and who puts others before herself. I think we are able to adapt to different situations the way we need to. It’s hard to put into words, but that’s the kind of way I think of it.” – Tara

“It’s important for us to mentor younger generations of women. That’s what we are best at I think; passing down knowledge to give tools to the next generation.” –Sonya

If you wish to submit your own version of what is means for you to be a woman, visit the blog here, or post your thoughts in the comments below.

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