Featured Artist: Jeni Suk

by June 2, 2013
filed under Entertainment

If you scour the Internet for information on the origins of where the succulent voice of Jeni Suk came from, there isn’t much to be found but her 4 primary sources of social networking: Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

With a staggering 12 million + video views and counting on her YouTube, it’s no surprise that maybe she doesn’t need the help of other social mediums to get her music out there.
After all, everything she has done and released thus far has been independent hence the usage of the popular site Bandcamp, where artists can release their music on an independent basis and keep the full profit.

Currently Jeni has one single uploaded on her Bandcamp site called, Parables. The track vibes an experimental electronic feel with several looped backing vocals with an ominous snyth pushing the song to its climaxes.

Parables resembles a Frank Ocean song with smooth transitions and a consistent beat that keeps your ears on lock from beginning to end. Jeni oozes sex appeal in every video she posts to YouTube, showing that you don’t have to be a dude to belt out sexual songs or to be strong within their lyrics.

Jeni shows these things off in her covers, such as with her recent rendition of Girls Love Beyonce, which was recently released by Hip Hop artist Drake. With a dimly lit room, a flat bill on and her piano, Jeni delivers Drake’s lyrics as if they were her own.

At 22 years old, this Los Angeles native has a sound that sets her apart. With the belief that she has an eminent wanderlust for music, I believe she will achieve great things.

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