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by June 10, 2013
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In this day and age, female MC’s are hard to come by. Most females who are in the R&B/Hip Hop persuasion are belting like Beyoncé or rapping lyrical nonsense like Nicki Minji. Fortunately, there is the flow of truth that MC, K.Flay (Kristine Flahertv) spits into a mic that brings hope to a Salt N Peppa era.

Raised outside of Chicago, K.Flay has attributed to growing up in a household that was always filled with a constant flow of music from Pink Floyd to the funkadelic sounds of the 1970s. It wasn’t until her college years that she first discovered that her love for music fostered in her youth and would soon lead her to creating her own niche in music.

Inspired by her surroundings in the Bay Area of California, K.Flay began to craft her own unique presence by fusing electronic and hip hop into one sound. Her first release, which was self titled “K.Flay,” dropped in 2010 and since then K.Flay has hit the ground running – releasing five different albums in various forms of mix tapes, EPs, and tracks. She has consistently gone against the norm of MC lingo by not just rapping about the cars, the clothes and the hoes – she instead, raps about life.

The take off track from the self-titeld EP So Fast, So Maybe is a clear example of the self-truth and story telling K.Flay can do within a few bars.

“See, I’ve been outta whack since ’92 when my folks split up and I came unglued. And I haven’t really slept that well since then staring at alarm clocks on my nightstands. But now I’m married to the kick drum sampling loops like they’re dim sum.”

Whether she’s referencing her own life experiences or shouting out to the world to get up and be somebody, K.Flay has clear messages and clever deliveries in each and every one of her songs.

In her EP release called Eyes Shut, that lyrical truth of managing life verses depression can be seen in “Sunburn.”

Her newest album, released in February, is a clear testament to the hard work she’s been putting in with guest appearances from Allen Stone – the mix tape West Ghost is a winner.

Currently on tour with Icona Pop, K.Flay is an artist to keep your eye on!

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