Flurt! Walks in the Edmonton Pride Parade

by June 11, 2013
filed under Activism
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This Saturday, Flurt! participated in the Edmonton Pride Parade alongside thousands of supporters who both walked the parade route and cheered on the sidelines. We were fortunate to share a float with WomonSpace, a social and recreational society in Edmonton, Canada, and we thank them for their partnership. Our friends, I Dig Your Girlfriend, InQueeries and many more were also there to celebrate Edmonton’s largest festival of the year.

We want to thank everyone who came to “Stand Up Stand Proud” with Flurt! and the Pride Festival this year. The festival isn’t just about those who are LGBTQ, but about coming together as diverse people. And for those who are celebrating their own Pride in their own cities this summer, we hope you have as much fun as we did! Feel free to share your experience from the Edmonton Pride Parade or your own Pride in the comments below and tell others why they should become apart of this great event next year.

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