Paris Jackson’s Suicide Attempt

by June 7, 2013
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parisjacksonReposted with permission from Saratonin.

Today the celebrity blogs, magazines and TV shows have been a buzz with the news of Paris Jackson’s (Michael Jackson’s daughter) suicide attempt.

According to People Magazine, Jackson cut herself and took pills. 911 was called for a “possible overdose” – People Magazine reports. We all know suicide is a terrible thing and going through it in such a public way can’t make it any easier.

On one Canadian Entertainment TV Show, they made comments about Paris being seen living a “normal” high school life – joining the high school cheerleading team, etc.

Just because someone seems to be living a “normal” life, doesn’t mean their life is all peaches and cream.

I can say that, because I lived it – from experience. Hiding depression from the world is surprisingly easy….but it doesn’t make it right or help the situation at all. It eats you up.

Paris is a 15-year-old gurl – going through the same things an average teenage gurl goes through (puberty and such). Plus I’m sure she is still dealing with the loss of her father. And add the fact that she is rumored to be taking the stand in the trial for her father’s death…I can’t imagine what is going on emotionally in her life.

I’ve been reading some of the reader comments on the news stories regarding Paris over the internet..and it makes me feel sick. A common theme I’m seeing is “It’s just a phase”. No. It’s not.

This is a theme that was quite clearly shown in the Partners for Mental Health Fall 2012 campaign “Let’s Call BS.”

As adults, I don’t think we always realize what our words or life’s situations affects an already emotional teenager – let alone one that is experiencing mental illness like depression. Teenagers are highly emotional (I know, this is not news)…and ones experiencing mental illness like depression are more likely to take what you say to heart.

My wish for Paris is that the media respects her recovery and privacy. Allow this young girl to get the help that she needs. I hope that the blogs and comment boards will be considerate of what they post regarding suicide and mental health/illness, as they will be talking about this (I’m sure) in the coming days.

If you or someone you know are in need of immediate help, please call 911, go to your local Emergency Room, talk to your family doctor, or talk to someone you trust. Bottom line – talk.

What are your thoughts on Paris Jackson’s suicide attempt? Let us know in the comments below.

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