“Why Don’t We Have Straight Pride?”

by June 6, 2013
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prideparadeReposted with permission from I Dig Your Girlfriend. Written by Elle.

How many times have you heard that? You’ll be hearing it more and more as we near the Pride Parade, on June 8th.

I have attended the parade for several years – as allies with my then husband and now as a person in a queer relationship. I often thought, “Wouldn’t it be great when we finally live in a world when we can just celebrate love? Pride would be all-encompassing love and a celebration of equality.”

My naïve little bubble that society is close to that has burst and my fight for “pride” has never been stronger.

A very dear cousin of mine got married yesterday. My cousin and I are close and she has been one of my biggest allies and she has the most beautiful heart .

She was stunning and it was a beautiful small town wedding ceremony held in a Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic Church.

When my other cousin, the brother of the bride at yesterday’s wedding, got married this past summer, Terah and I were dressed similar to what we wore yesterday, we held hands and we danced together.

Small town people know how to party and have a good time and we sure did that day.

There were a lot of people there that I had never met before. No surprise there. That’s like every wedding. But yesterday’s wedding was slightly different.

There were people who immediately let it be known that Terah and I were an utter “abomination”.

I have never encountered so many hateful glares in my life.

Usually if someone is leering and you make eye contact with them, “Hey! I see you staring at me and it’s not cool.” They realize they “got caught” and look away.

Not this time.

Eye contact and a polite smile only made their glares burn deep into my eyes. It was very clear that these people, sprinkled among few guests who didn’t even bat an eye, thought we were disgusting.

“You didn’t have to hold Terah’s hand.”

No, actually I did have to hold her hands for several reasons.

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