A Hairy Dilemma: Protection or False Security?

by July 16, 2013
filed under Activism


What does a woman do if she wants to go out on the town but does not want to be romantically propositioned? Or if she wants to protect herself from sexual assault? According to some women in China, the answer lies in hairy leggings. Yes, hairy leggings are exactly what the image in your mind is showing you. If you would like it emblazoned, check this out (Warning: the image will be difficult to erase once it’s in your head)

Now, without a doubt, these leggings are fugly with a capital FUH. So, if repelling people who might make a pass at you is your goal, you would probably achieve this without much question. While simply not shaving your legs may achieve the same look, this requires more of a commitment than these leggings if there are times when you want smooth legs.

Of course, this begs the question: What is so horrible about going out to a club or event and being approached? Usually, a simple, “sorry, I’m busy/not interested/taken/other excuse of choice” is enough to fend off unwanted attention.

However, if the concern is sexual assault, these hairy leggings are not going to help. Sexual assault is about power and control on the part of the assailant not sexiness on the part of the victim. Young children are sexually assaulted, as well as 80-year-old women!

If a woman has the misfortune of coming into contact with someone intending to commit such a violation, it will not matter if she is wearing hairy leggings, a Frankenstein face mask or a tent dress. Thinking otherwise is parallel to a way of thinking that leads to the blame of sexual assault victims who were wearing clothing that was “too revealing” and it’s equally wrong. In other words, hairy leggings are providing a false sense of security for women who think it will protect them from an attack. Like I said earlier, rape is about power and control – not what a person is wearing.


Plus, most sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim, not a random stranger in the street. So this would suggest that what the person is or isn’t wearing really has no bearing on the situation’s outcome.

My advice? Set personal boundaries in social situations that are good for you, always be aware of your surroundings and save the hairy leggings for Halloween.

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