Alyssa Milano’s Sport’s Themed Line: Touch

by July 4, 2013
filed under Style

Alyssa Milano has created a new line of sportswear specifically designed for female sports fans. Partnered with some of the biggest names in sports: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and NCAA, the line is called Touch. Many sports such as hockey (NHL) offer a variety of menswear. However, the sizes and designs for women are usually limited. Touch offers a more diverse range of sizes from XS to 5XL. Most of the items are similar to what you would find in a sports store or merchandise shop at an arena such as tops, hoodies, and jackets. A unique item offered by Touch is the “traditional washed jeans with vintage leather themed logo appliques on the back pockets.” Alyssa’s clothing line claims “to bring classy women active-wear that accentuate a woman’s body and her team spirit.”

The prices of these items range from $25.00 to $75.00. Items can be ordered on The website is easy to navigate, offers free same day shipping, a 60-day return policy and a toll free number that can be used for placing orders.  While it is a good idea to provide a women’s only sports themed fashion line that boasts a variety of sizes, I am unsure that Alyssa’s line can compete with existing sporting goods stores and official merchandise from your favorite team, which is usually available at games or on the team’s official website.

Another problem Touch faces is that the line does not carry a large variety of sportswear for Canadian teams. When selecting a Canadian team on the site only a few items (usually less than 4) appear. While in contrast, when selecting an American team, more than 10 items are available. There is not much difference from what is available from Touch for a female Edmonton Oiler fan. Similar items can be found at the Oiler store or Jersey City. In fact, when reviewing the items available for the 9 Canadian teams featured on the site, none of the teams offer the logo appliqued jeans.

While pre-existing and licensed merchandise may not carry the same diverse range of sizes as Touch, these items are more accessible to fans and are more likely to be purchased while in attendance at an actual game. Perhaps, if Alyssa’s line was available in stores and offered more items, such as hats, sports-themed jewelry, yoga pants, sweat pants and socks, the line might be more interesting and draw in more buyers. With the exception of the jeans, I didn’t find Alyssa’s clothing line to be something I would spend my money on.

Finally, when I surveyed some friends to see whether or not they would buy into this fashion line targeted at female sports fans,  I was met with a resounding number of negative responses. Tawnie said, “Well, from what I saw, {the site has} sports team’s shirts. I don’t watch sports, so I wouldn’t buy a shirt for a sport that I don’t watch or a team that I don’t support.” And Shannon, an avid Oiler fan, commented that the clothing from Touch “didn’t seem to be anything particularly special.”

Personally, I was very disappointed with this clothing line and this attempt to market sportswear to female fans. Alyssa Milano’s clothing line does not even attempt to try and compete with established stores who sell their own gear as well as licensed merchandise. Touch simply does not measure up to an acceptable level of sportswear that fans would pay for. The slogan of is “where fashion gets its game on,” however in this case; “fashion” didn’t even make it off the bench.

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