Dating Do’s and Don’ts

by July 5, 2013
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Chances are when you go on an outing with a date, you have certain “rules” that you follow. With my own experience and a little help from my friends, I have come up with “Do’s and Don’ts” that will help you in your dating life. Whether it’s keeping your current honey happy or helping you snag that new crush you’ve had your eye on, read on for my “go-to” rules when putting yourself out there!

Do … Be polite. Everyone likes a date who treats them well. Being polite includes: Showing affection to your date, holding the door open for them, paying or offering to pay half, complimenting them and just generally being nice to them. Think about how you would like to be treated on a date. Would you tell yourself, “That outfit isn’t the most flattering” or would you start to gossip about a friend you both know? Not likely. It’s simple, just be nice to each other!

Don’t … Let your date take you for granted or treat you poorly. It’s important to set a precedent on the way you would like to be treated. Let your date know what kind of behaviour you expect and what you aren’t willing to put up with. For instance, it is the general consensus that using your mobile device when having a conversation during dinner or drinks is extremely rude. Don’t let this behaviour slide. It could lead to other bad behaviour. Don’t call each other names if you end up in a tiny squabble. In general and as simple as Do #1, treat one another well.

Do … Communicate well and listen to your date. Both of you should get a chance to speak, a chance to tell a story and say something about yourself. When listening, show interest in what your partner says. Ask them about their day, how a situation made them feel and be on their side if they talk about an issue that hasn’t gone their way (within reason, of course). Listen and listen well. Sometimes, all someone really needs is to get something off their chest and have someone listen to what they are going through. And remember: Keep the lines of communication open after the date is done.

Don’t … Be silent in bed. If your date happens to lead to a little after hours play, don’t expect your date to read your mind. It will take time to figure out what both of you like and don’t like in bed. Being vocal shows your interest in what’s happening and helps reassure him/her of your needs. For example, you can say, “I really like it when you do this … but this feels even better …” and don’t be afraid to guide them. Don’t be embarrassed! It’s just as important to have strong communication both inside and outside of the bedroom. It’s especially important to speak up if your partner is hurting you – they won’t know unless you tell them. I cannot stress enough that saying what you want is key!

Do … Be spontaneous! Spontaneity and the element of surprise keep a relationship exciting and fresh. Be open to doing things that you normally wouldn’t do such as going rock climbing or taking a road trip for your significant other’s birthday.  Keep in mind that while not everyone enjoys surprises, a little spontaneity may keep you from falling into a rut. Learning new things about each other through new experiences will create great memories.

 Don’t … Be callous about the nice things your date or partner does for you. Be the opposite – be thankful! You are lucky to have a date or a significant other who cares enough about your feelings to try some of the things you like to do. They listen to you talk – even if you may talk a bit too much or they keep talking to you – even if you happen to be a quiet person. You are even lucky if you’re in a long-term relationship or married to that person. Just think of all the people your sexy significant other could be seeing but he or she is committed to you! Show your appreciation of that commitment. Sometimes relationships can be difficult, but do not lose sight of the positive things you both do for each other.

And there you have it, some of my dating “Do’s and Don’ts”. Happy Dating Flurt-ers!

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