Featured Artist: Jacqueline Becker

by July 8, 2013
filed under Entertainment


After one unusual night of doing absolutely nothing, I turned on my TV, to ION television. Criminal Minds – my favorite show (right next to History Channel’s Decoded) had just come onto commercial break. They were playing this song during the commercial and the beat was too much to resist. I jumped on my computer, and I searched these lyrics “If he puts his fate in tender hands, that’s an honest man.” A similar question was asked on Yahoo! Answers, and I’d found that I could buy the song from iTunes… So I did. Eventually, I put the song up on YouTube, and found that Ms. Becker had a channel of her own.  Brought up in sunny Newport Beach, even the sea and salt couldn’t bleach Jacqueline’s dark hair and red hot soprano. Early on, Jacq’s vocal abilities resulted in her singing the National Anthem at LA Clippers games at the age of 9! Other talents propelled her to attend Yale University where she starred on the Women’s Varsity Volleyball team, however, after college she returned to Los Angeles to pursue her first and most enduring love, singing.

Since returning to Los Angeles, Jacq has frequented the singer-songwriter stages at Hotel Cafe, Harvelle’s, The Mint, Room 5, and Witzend, splitting time between Hollywood and Venice beach. She also dabbles in acting and film: Jacq can be heard as the lead in Elle Magazine’s animated mini-series Dirty Little Secret and she co-wrote the end title theme Eyes On You for Seven Days In Utopia (2011) starring Robert Duvall.

The messages in her music are strong, and she’s got a voice to match. With the combination of her talent, charisma, beauty and focus, she’s sure to make it far in the music industry and I stand firmly behind her. She’s now touring in California, sharing her gift of good music. After releasing her self-titled LP, Jacqueline chartered music as her vehicle, spending the year of 2010 entertaining, Campari-sipping couples on the rocky Mediterranean coast of Italy, playing festivals between Florence and Rome and filling many an underground London pub with her disparate vocals. She then, took a short residency at The Buccaneer Hotel in St. Croix/Virgin Islands, immersing herself in the richness of an old world culture that provided the perfect backdrop against which her sensual musical stylings could glow. As unusual as it seems, I often wonder if I could ever embrace popular music, because I must admit – I’m not a big fan. But something, something about her is different. Like fresh, realistic, something I just can’t put my finger on. But we can only go day-by-day right? As time progresses, I should see whether or not popular culture redeems itself with this astonishing new talent.

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