Hamburger In Paradise Recipe

by July 2, 2013
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3Summer is here and it’s time for some fun in the sun but let’s face it as much as we love the heat sometimes it’s just too hot (or rainy) to be outdoors. Whatever will you do if you can’t whip up some juicy burgers on the BBQ? Whip up some hamburger cupcake treats instead!

You will need:

Step One:
Bake vanilla cupcakes according to your scratch or box recipe. Add yellow food colouring if you are not using a yellow cupcake recipe to give your cupcakes that delicious burger bun colour. If you are not going to use cupcake liners ensure that you spray the pan with cooking oil so they easily pop out of the pan! To make your buns nice and big fill the cupcake pans with more batter.

Step Two:
Bake chocolate cupcakes or brownies according to your scratch or box recipe. Remember to spray the pan if you are not using liners! I recommend using less batter in the cupcake tray to make it easier to cut your “hamburger” in the next steps.

Step Three:
Allow cupcakes to cool then cut the vanilla cupcakes in half. A bread knife or steak knife works well for this!

1Step Four:
Cut the chocolate cupcake or brownie down to the desired size for your “hamburger” patty. It is easier to cut them to desired size if you poured less batter in the pans. You can now discard the rest of the chocolate cupcake by eating them.

Step Five:
Make a batch of icing or get your pre-made icing ready in three separate bowls. One bowl should be coloured red with the food colouring for “ketchup” (you will need a lot of red food colouring to get it dark enough). Another bowl should be coloured yellow for “mustard” and another green for the “lettuce.”

2Step Six:
Get your icing bags (or ziplock bag) ready by cutting a tiny corner for the icing tip. Put your icing in and twist the bag so that the icing does not come out the other end.

Step Seven:
Take a bottom vanilla cupcake “bun” and put some green icing around the edges of the cupcake. Place your burger “patty” on top. Put red and yellow icing on top of the “patty” and ensure to put lots on the edges so you can see it once the top “bun” is put on. Lightly dampen the top burger “bun” with water, butter or leftover icing and add your sprinkles or sesame seeds. I used a bit of icing and sprinkles on my hamburgers!

4Step Eight:
Finish off your burgers by placing a large toothpick in the middle so that your hamburger stays together! And lastly….ENJOY!!



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