Orange Julius Smoothie Recipe

by July 25, 2013
filed under Life

One of my favourite kind of smoothies to make is an Orange Julius’ smoothie. The smoothies you make at home are always so much better than those you get half melted in the store. This recipe can be found in Company’s Coming Appetizer Cookbook by Jean Pare on page 70 but for your ease and convenience here is the recipe:

– Frozen Concentrated orange juice   6 oz.

– Milk                                                        1 cup

– Water                                                     1 cup

– Granulated Sugar                                 2 tbsp.

– Vanilla                                                     2 tsp.

– Ice cubes                                                 12+

1. Put Orange Concentrate into blender and add the next 4 ingredients – you can make this part ahead of time if you wish!

2. Blend in ice cubes into the rest of the mixture and serve immediately. Makes 5 cups (1.25 Litres)

This will keep you fresh and full during those hot summer days when you don’t feel like eating and want something refreshing to drink. If you want to alter the recipe you can add a different kind of juice concentrate such as peach juice, or add a shot or 2 of your favorite liquor; my favorite is vodka.

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