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by July 6, 2013
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We-Vibe is a company quite well known for its personal massagers. The Touch is my first experience with a We-Vibe product. From the moment I picked it up, I knew we were destined to have some good times together. Its shape is sleek and has a tip that is just the right size for putting pressure where pressure needs to be. It’s also the perfect size for my hand and lets me control the eight intense speeds and pulse patterns with one finger.

The Touch is made of medical-grade platinum silicone. As it is waterproof, the device is also easy to clean with plain soap and water. When it comes to design, I love how this toy looks. It’s artfully sculpted and discreet. It’s something I would not hesitate to travel with, and it is certainly small enough to fit into a purse or bag without anyone really noticing. The vibrations are reasonably quiet (as opposed to me hitting the big O) and it’s simple to use – just one button controls the speed and turns the device on and off.


But let’s get down to the nitty gritty. The first time out of the box, the Touch charged quickly. Although it feels soft, the vibrations reach all parts of the massager and all of the speeds and patterns are extremely intense. This is probably the most intense vibrator I have ever used. From start to climax, my first session with the Touch did not last very long. In fact, I barely made my way around all eight speeds and pulses before the magic moment. And, I wasn’t even all that aroused in the first place. Well, after trying the Touch, that certainly changed quickly.

The fact that the Touch is completely covered in silicone and shaped the way it is can make for some interesting varieties in positions, whether solo or with someone else. The silicone also makes dust and lint stick to it quite easily, so you may want to clean it off before use, as well as after. My only other criticism is that the charge does not seem to last that long, although the box says two hours of use. Mine required another charge in what seemed like much less than that. The good thing is that it charges rapidly – the first time takes about 90 minutes and the second time took just slightly over a half hour.


I would definitely recommend the We-Vibe Touch for women who need something intense in order to have an orgasm. As far as external vibrators go, if this does not get you off, I am not sure what will!

Available for $99 at Travelling Tickle Trunk.

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