Featured Artist: Kerli

by August 5, 2013
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Estonian goddess, Kerli is the perfect artist for this feature since I’m planning on getting same-sex marriage legalized down here in Virginia! Now, I know that I don’t usually do my articles on pop-stars but for this girl, y’all know I mm.. make that exception honey! Kerli has gained immense popularity and a loyal following amongst Goths – especially young female Goths –  for her music, image and style. She has even coined the term ‘bubble Goth’.

Kerli had many struggles in her youth, while growing up in an abusive household. She used to have bipolar disorder and attempted suicide when she was 17 as a result of her troubled upbringing. Now, looking back, she believes that her upbringing has made her stronger and that she wants to be there for other kids who are going through similar things to what she went through. Most of all, she is happy to be alive, describing life as a “beautiful and rare gift.” During a live video chat with her fans on 10/7/2011, Kerli recalled that when she was 17, she would ask her local doctor to sedate her with medication because it hurt her so much to be awake as a result of her depression. She also reflected on a darker moment she had gone through when she was home alone one day, she covered the windows with dark towels to block out the sunlight and began cutting herself with rusty scissors, stating that she “wanted to die” and “couldn’t feel any physical pain at all because she was hurting so much inside.”

Rather than letting the hardships she endured in her youth dictate the rest of her life, Kerli immersed herself in a world of creativity. She wrote stories, created drawings of what she knew in her blessed heart would be her future and she worked to develop her musical talents… the ladder of which would result in her winning the Estonian Idol-style competition in 2004. A lot has happened for this talented young artist since then and she is now unleashing her incredibly expressive music onto music fans worldwide.

Her painful yet beautiful story has inspired me to continue my sobriety and even share my own story with other teens. In fact, I started a sobriety support group over Facebook where we encourage each other to keep fighting to survive each and every day.

Back to Kerli: She has stated that in Estonia there is no gay scene but that it’s starting to emerge and she’s trying to support it as much as she can. In June 2011 and 2012, Kerli performed at pride festivals in Boston, Detroit, Nashville and San Francisco. She is also a participant in the NOH8 Campaign (I could marry her…). More and more artists are ditching their bubble pop images in favour of a darker, noir oriented style, and it’s getting harder to differentiate the true originals from the posers. Kerli might be a lot of things but something she most definitely is – take my word for it – is a genuine artist.

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