Featured Artist: Rachael Ward

by August 12, 2013
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In the age of independent artists there is a plethora of music on social inter-webs, waiting to be discovered by those that search it out. For this faithful Monday, the selection is that of an Atlanta based singer-songwriter, Rachael Ward.

Born into the realm of music through her father’s love for the craft, Rachael has been creating, recording and playing shows wherever people will listen – from festivals to small mom and pop bars across the state of Alabama and Georgia. This singer-songwriter has what some have described as a strong lyrical presence, followed by haunting melodies delivered in an uncategorized genre, mainly because Rachael crosses genres quite often.

Laying claim to her acoustic based folk/ambient vibe, Rachael has done several electronic dance music collaborations with producers across the world from Paris to Germany. Her most recent production in EDM has been with Chicago producer KR$CHN who just released their track Want You Here through Philosophy Deep.

But perhaps what’s most enjoyable about Rachael’s sound is her unique voice coupled by the storyteller lyrics she crafts within remixes to mainstream music and her originals.

Who would suspect a folk singer to switch up and post a video of Kendrick Lamar’s Sing About Me remix

That’s how this artist constantly redefines her sound, her vibe and her influences to create moving music and I’m ok with it. For more examples of original crafts maybe visit Settle or Get Lucky 

Rachael’s music can be found on YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp and iTunes. Be sure to check her out!

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