Jenny From The Block

by August 10, 2013
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Recently, the beautiful Jennifer Lopez turned 44 years old and received the 2,500th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles. She has led an amazing life and serves as role model for women and gurls around the world. She is a business woman, entertainer, philanthropist and producer who became concerned with pursuing a career in the entertainment industry following her first role in the 1986’s film My Little Girl. Her Puerto Rican parents believed this was an unrealistic career goal for a Hispanic woman but Jennifer acquired her first regular high-profile job as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color in 1991. In 1993 she decided to pursue an acting career and her first leading role was in the tragic story of Selena in 1997.

In the film, Out of Sight with George Clooney, Jennifer became the first Latina actress to make over $1 000 000 for a role. In 1999 she tackled the music industry with her debut studio album On the 6 including everyones favourite hit, Genie in A Bottle. In 2001, Jennifer became the first person to have a number one album and film at the same time with the release of her album J.LO and the movie The Wedding Planner alongside the hot Matthew McConaughey. In 2002 her remix album J to the L-O! The Remixes was the first album in history to debut at number 1 on the US Billboard 200.

In a career that is 4 decades long, Jennifer has established herself as an outstanding figure in both film and music. She has record sales of 75 million and a cumulative film gross of over $2 000 000 000. She is seen as the most influential Hispanic performer around the world. Her story from “rags to riches” is considered a rarity because she innovated Latin influence in the entertainment community which it lacked for decades.

Perhaps most popular with women have been Jennifer’s public image and personal relationships. She had her first high profile relationship with Sean Combs of P.Diddy as he is now known and was than involved with Ben Affleck, while she was married to her second husband Cris Judd. In 2004, Jennifer wed long-time friend, Marc Anthony and in 2008 gave birth to twins, Emme and Maximilian. Later, the couple split and Jennifer went onto her next high profile romance to a man far younger than herself.

More recently, Jennifer has been a high profile judge on American Idol  and although she left for a year, there are rumours that she will be coming back as a judge in the upcoming season. She has used her position as an “icon” of pop culture to begin her own “empire” with clothing lines, accessories, fragrances, a production company, TV shows and a charitable foundation. Her net worth is an estimated $250 000 000!

What makes Jennifer Lopez such a good role model? It’s her tenacity and endurance. She knew what she wanted out of life and she went for it. She is a true Cinderella story, coming from nothing to amass an empire and career that is worth millions. Women and gurls want to own her clothing and fragrances because she is always so well dressed at award shows and smells as fabulous as she looks. Not to mention she has starred alongside and married some of the hottest men in the world! Who wouldn’t want to be Jennifer Lopez?

I think the theme of her movies and her life also give gurls the hope that they too can achieve their dreams just as Jennifer Lopez did. They too can be more than just a maid cleaning a hotel. They can be a wedding planner (a busy and fulfilling career) and have the man of their dreams too. They can also have the strength to fight back when they are in danger such as Jennifer has done in some of her movies. Not to mention, who doesn’t love rocking out to ‘Jenny from the Block’ and some of her more recent music hits! Jennifer Lopez is beautiful, curvy and fit. Her life speaks to her generosity to charity and her love for her fans. This is what makes Jennifer Lopez a great role model for many gurls and woman.  She really is a creator of dreams who has inspired many gurls to follow their own goals!

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