Street Style: Jordana Rohuede

by August 18, 2013
filed under Style

IMG_0187 IMG_0191Jordana Rohuede is a local model in Edmonton, AB and I was lucky enough to spot her at a Booster Juice on a hot day in St. Albert!

The ’90s are back and I jumped at the chance to snap Jordana sporting a simple piece reminiscent of such a great decade! She wore a breezy, white cutout dress that featured a trendy trail which makes her “feel like a queen” and rightfully so. This very casual and easy-going look, paired with plain black flats, was sprinkled with Latina spice when she embraced her natural curls and topped herself off with a red lip and hoop earrings.

IMG_0190Jordana grew up with a Chilean family who she describes as “loud and proud”and it definitely seeps through her fashion sense.

Dress: Sirens, $20.00
Shoes: Payless Shoes, $16.00
Earrings: Aldo, $10.00


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