We Need You: Help Us Make Our Promo Video

by August 28, 2013
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It’s Flurt!’s 3rd birthday this month and to celebrate we’re working on creating a bigger and better website, magazine and organization to empower young women. Help us achieve the goal of creating our own media and taking control of our world by being part of our promo video and in turn raising awareness of our cause.

All you have to do is take a short clip (not even a minute long) from your phone, webcam or camera that says in one sentence something you believe in. This can be anything from “no more testing on animals,” “peace in Libya” or “fair pay for women.” Be a part of the movement and tell society what you want to change.

You can email your video clips to amanda@flurtsite.com. Remember: The deadline for submissions is September 9th and we need you to make this happen. Take one minute out of your day to record one sentence of what you want to change and together we’ll work on making that happen.

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