Featured Artist: MacKenzie Porter

by September 16, 2013
filed under Entertainment

MacKenzie Porter is the kind of gurl who would grab you from the depths of your broken heart and take you on a road trip in a rad hippie van. At least, that’s what she comes across as in her new music video. As it happens, MacKenzie is your new best friend who will be pumping you up with catchy country tunes like Never Gonna Let You.

What MacKenzie’s never gonna let you do is stop listening to her music. Her lyrics are breathtakingly beautiful in the lyrical sense, and easily relatable in the emotional sense. Representing Medicine Hat, Canada, the actor who was raised on a cattle and bison ranch is making a name for herself having opened for Kenny Chesney.

She’s also an actor who has worked with stars such as Patrick Swayze.

MacKenzie’s upcoming album, Debut, is set to release this fall.

Visit her Facebook page for more information and to stay updated with her work.

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