Find Your A-Spot. Yes, Your A-Spot.

by September 21, 2013
filed under Sex & Dating

Everyone knows that the clitoris is women’s #1 go-to for orgasms. Some women have vaginal orgasms and some don’t, and nobody should be made to feel bad about what does and does not feel good for them. However, I’d like to see more studies about why different women achieve orgasm differently. It’s sad that vaginas receive so much medical attention but so little research is conducted about how to get us off.

Sometimes the media will catch onto things before science does. Cosmo was telling us reverse cowgirl felt good long before couples started doing it in MRI machines, showing high nerve density in the anterior vaginal wall. It’s technically still unclear whether the g-spot exists, even though it’s pretty accepted by now in the real world. But if you Google the words ‘anterior fornix,’ you’ll find New Age organic body oil websites and a Plenty of Fish forum thread on the first page. So I’ll give you a couple of pointers from my own sex life:

Your anterior fornix, otherwise known as your a-spot, is right above your cervix on the front wall of your vagina. I’ve had my favorite positions since I first had sex: Reverse cowgirl; legs up on guy’s chest; occasionally doggy-style; but I knew how to find my g-spot and that wasn’t where I was getting off. I kept demanding those positions (and sorry guys, size matters in this case) and a couple of years later I was lying on this stoner’s futon in my junior year of college and he fingered me and said, “you know why you like that so much? That’s your a-spot!”

So I started sitting on the toilet and putting my fingers as far up my vagina as they’d go and leaning forward while pushing down on it. I don’t have a-spot orgasms unless somebody else is touching me, but it still feels good. Maybe you’re luckier than I am and can get yourself off that way.

There are some differences between your a-spot and your g-spot. The a-spot is very smooth, unlike the walnut-like ridges of the g-spot. It’s also a little wider. Pressing it also pushes on your bladder so you might feel like you have to pee. A-spot orgasms can be pretty dire, with a steady pressure high instead of waves. They can last a long time too. If you’re a screamer, this is when you’ll make the most noise.

You also have a posterior fornix, right behind your cervix. For me doggy style can feel pretty good especially if I have one leg up on something. My a-spot still wins though.

Reportedly there are even more types of vaginal orgasms. I went to one of those SlumberParties sales and the girl told us that you can come from your clit, your g-spot, your a-spot, your labia and your cervix. I don’t know about labia and cervix, but I’m not going to discount them. Maybe there’s even more. We women have the distinct advantage of multiple orgasms coming at us from all sides, pun intended.

My orgasm to end all orgasms was when I was on top leaning down facing my man and I literally felt waves oscillating from my inside out and squeezing his cock like I was pushing it out as he pushed in against the tide. I don’t care if that sounds cheesy because it was the best 45 seconds of my life. I don’t know which erogenous zones were in cahoots with each other for that but I’ve been chasing another one ever since.

So ladies, we’ve got to take matters into our own hands if we want our pleasure sources to become common knowledge. Make a date with yourself or your partner and check out your a-spot. It’s a distinct sensation at any intensity and you might even be shocked that your body can do such things.

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